The one from Paracuellos is not interested in the infidelities of rivera channels and she has made it abundantly clear this Wednesday, when she has been caught playing Candy Crush live while her colleagues interviewed the bullfighter in a connection at the doors of her house. bethlehem estebanFar from apologizing, he justified himself: “It’s just that you’re talking about things that aren’t…”.

The gathering of Save me She is not the only one who has been caught in such a situation: Celia Villalobos He was playing exactly the same thing during a session in Congress in 2015, some images that went around the world. The difference, of course, is that the second did it while she collected a succulent payroll from the public treasury. However, criticism of Belén Esteban has not been long in coming and the haters of Jesulín’s ex have taken the opportunity to reinforce the theory they have been defending for months: she is not interested in the program, it does not contribute anything and they should do without it.