Belén Esteban presented her new Sabores de la Esteban products this Friday in Madrid: her traditional gazpacho, this time in cardboard. She has spoken about how excited she is about her company, with which she works tirelessly to expand more and more internationally. Next to her has been her husband, Miguel Marcos, and some friends like Carlota Corredera, who has arrived late but has not finally missed this special day for the princess of the town.

In the atmosphere, as we have published, was the uncertainty of his professional future after the end of the Save me, which will stop broadcasting on June 23 after fourteen years on the air. The name of Jesulín de Ubrique has also resonated, because two Mondays ago her interview was broadcast on Telecinco and she already expressed her anger from the program that feeds her. In addition, the matador will participate in Masterchef Celebrity.

“I’m not talking about that, I just hope it cooks well in Masterchef. I would love to talk, but there is one person, the most important to me, who tells me not to talk. But come on, what do I have to make a Deluxe no, I have to get 120. But hey, I have to respect and I’m going to do it. But each one knows what he does and each family. Yours also knows what is there,” he assured.

Although she has held back so as not to light the fuse, she wanted to emphasize something above all else: “In my house, there are three of us in my family. And the father is the father, but she has her real father, who is Miguel Marcos Martín.” As it is, she has given her place to the ambulance driver, who is with her through thick and thin.

In addition, it has also had other words for some members of the bullfighter’s family. Thus, she knows that some of her relatives have already tried her gazpachos: “Part of the family, yes. And I know. That I am also very grateful, huh? I love them very much, especially for what they want” . It must be remembered that Belén has always had good words for Carmen Janeiro, Jesús’s sister, and for Carmen Bazán, his former mother-in-law. She has repeatedly explained that they have worried about her girl. She hasn’t named them directly, but to the best of my knowledge…

Andrea, who lives, trains and works abroad, has not been at the presentation of the new products. However, despite the distance from her, he supports her mother in each of her steps. The 23-year-old does not like the limelight and she achieved anonymity before the law after reaching the age of majority.

“As an inheritance,” said Belén, she wants to leave a good legacy to her family with her company. And in this sense, she has revealed that her daughter wants to “change the name of Sabores de la Esteban.” Although it will not be so easy: “I tell him ‘You are not going to change anything'”, she has joked.