Gerard Piqué y bethlehem esteban together on a set could be considered as an example of the existence of the multiverse. And it is that the one from Paracuellos has in his hand the possibility of that happening, since he has received the invitation from the former footballer to participate in the Chup Chupa program in which each Kings League game is discussed and which they compared with Save me.

the ex’s own Jesulin de Ubrique has counted in the podcast Club 113 how was the moment in which the ex of Shakira He contacted her and offered her to participate in this project that he started after retiring from football.

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“I am going to tell you something that nobody knows, I am going to tell you… The other day I met a boy who is with this Piqué thing. Gerard Romero. He asked me if he could put me in a T-shirt. I put on the shirt, I took the photo there and boom. Well, Gerard sent it to Piqué and he wanted him to go to the program that they do soccer, “revealed the princess of the town.

However, Belén does not understand Piqué’s intentions nor does she believe that in the end she will accept his invitation: “I say you have to see, because I have put it… Let’s see, I’m sorry, I’m more of Shakira, things as they are Or he wants me to go and shit on my fucking mother directly,” Esteban commented with a laugh.

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