bethlehem esteban has exploded this Monday against the program in which he works: “If you want to set up a cisco with my husband, you take it clear,” said the mother of Andrea Janeiro. It all started with information from Save me that pointed to a supposed “unspeakable secret” of Belén Esteban and Anabel Pantoja.

Kiko Matamoros He spoke of a testimony that has links to the Canary Islands, with an ex of Anabel and also with another person who was with Belén Esteban. “Don’t get things out of hand, don’t go crazy!” Kiko Matamoros yelled at Jesulín de Ubrique’s ex. The space advanced that she had had access to the “unspeakable” secret that Belén Esteban and Anabel Pantoja kept, something that happened during their weekend in the Canary Islands, and the friends would have sealed a pact of silence to protect it. However, Kiko Matamoros gave a clue and an allusion to an ex from Belén bothered the princess of the town.

Sálvame was waiting for a visit from someone who would tell this secret and Kiko Matamoros provided information: “He has ties to the Canary Islands, with Anabel’s ex and even with Belén’s ex.” This last comment raised the one from Paracuellos, who challenged Makoke’s ex and whoever it was to give names.

Kiko laughed at her and asked: “¿Dani Dj Was he your boyfriend?” Then, Belén, already angry, warned: “If you want to ride a cisco with my husband, you take it clear.” “Don’t get things out of hand, don’t go crazy!” Matamoros replied, who backed and he qualified his statements: “The person who comes has ties to the Canary Islands, with an ex from Anabel and another ex from Belén, that no one should be hostile.”

“When you talk about your girlfriend Marta’s ex, you get like a basilisk! Be careful!” replied Belén. “Thank God, I am happily married. I have not been with an ex of mine in the Canary Islands.” Rafa Mora added fuel to the fire and added that during the trip she Anabel “disappeared” at a time during the carnival after meeting a boy whom she “has not forgotten.” Belén Esteban denied it.

On romance with Dani Dj

Daniel Martin, better known as Dani Dj, He dated Belén Esteban 20 years ago. She led a very party life. He was then 23 years old and she was 28. The ex of Jesulin She had broken off her relationship with María José Campanario’s current husband three years earlier, and Andreíta, to whom she did refer publicly at that time, ate the chicken. She was three years old.

They lived in a hectic way, alternating sets and exclusives with nights in Ibiza, Marbella or Madrid. They had met at Coyote, the discotheque of businessman Óscar Lozano, of whom Belén Esteban was also a girlfriend.

Dani also had a relationship with Maria Jesus Ruiz and they lived one of the historical moments of television starring in scenes in which they were read having sex, in a program called La Granja de los Famosos that Terelu Campos presented. The DJ and Miss Jaén. “I did it with Dani everywhere: in the pool, in bed, one a day,” declared María Jesús Ruiz. Then not only the passion ended but the relationship. And in the worst way: she denounced him for assault. Dani DJ spent several hours in a dungeon after an argument with the model in which the Police intervened. “She filed the complaint because she was scared at the time we had the altercation and then she wanted to withdraw it. But since she had a bruise on her leg, which had been made during a fall in the pool we had in Alicante, the forensic and they put it on me,” said the DJ. “I ate 15 hours of dungeon and then a quick trial took place. It was a real nightmare, an argument ended in a dungeon. I said yes to everything because all I wanted was to go home,” he finished. Today, the former boyfriend of Belén Esteban is still a DJ and has had a Venezuelan girlfriend named Irina Martínez for ten years.