The death of Bernardo Pantoja It has revealed family quarrels. Since Friday, it has been said that both Anabel as Isabel they had some members are not allowed to enter the hospitalwho could not say their last goodbye to the brother of the singer, among them, Rushthe widow.

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But according to bethlehem estebanwho moved to Seville this Saturday, nothing could be further from the truth: “When Bernardo died, Junco was hand in hand with Isabel Pantoja on the headboard of the bed, it is not true that Junco found out about Bernardo’s death on television , she was at the time of death.”

Since Save me They told that the tonadillera’s hairdresser, Anthony Abbothad been in charge of opening the funeral home above Bernardo’s widowbut the one from Paracuellos assures that everything was to lend a hand: “When José Antonio León says that Antonio Abad opens the room, you have to understand that Junco does not know our language well and Anabel was plunged into grief, what Antonio did was help to Anabel and Junco”.

Andreíta’s mother then took the opportunity to charge against her own program: “I entered to defend my friend Anabel because I think that yesterday our program, Save meHe was unfair to her. Today I have spent the day with Anabel and I have also been with Junco, who seems to me a wonderful person, but the people who are around Junco are the ones who leak sensitive information, and also false, to journalists.

Esteban has also denied the alleged fight that Anabel had with Junco for a Bernardo medal: “It is not true. That medal has always been Anabel’s and her mother was keeping it because it belonged to her paternal grandparents, yesterday Merchi took it away to the funeral home to put it on, it’s not true that Junco and she fought over that”.

“I have been at the funeral and what has been experienced is Anabel with Junco and Merchi, one on each side, when Bernardo has been cremated, Anabel and Junco have been the only ones who have been there waiting for their father’s ashes and of her husband, Anabel has given Junco her place”, Belén sentenced in the Deluxe.