Terelu Campos has returned to TVE 27 years later and just a few weeks after the sad death of Maria Teresa Campos. The presenter, who also has the new Netflix show pending release, is currently taking refuge in her work, but also in her great friends to cope with the pain of the absence of her mother.

Proof of this, the image that Belen Esteban He shared on his social networks: “How beautiful the word friendship is.” In the image, the town princess appears with Terelu herself, with Chelo García-Cortés and with Maria Patino. They are in a bar having a drink, and turning to Terelu to distract her. Chelo has also written: “It is always wonderful to be able to enjoy them.”

Belén, Chelo and María were present this Monday the 25th at the funeral held in Madrid for María Teresa. After the event, Belén herself connected with the program (now withdrawn) Jorge Javier Vazquez on Telecinco: “Terelu told us to meet at the bar across the street because he has taken a booth.” Carmen Borrego’s sister wanted to take refuge in her friends in these difficult times to also thank them for all the love and support they received.

As we said, after the end of Save me Terelu has found her place as a collaborator on TVE. Since this Wednesday she participates in two programs, the morning one by Jaime Cantizano (Mornings) and the afternoon one by Jordi González (Square). After talking these days about the suffering of her mother during her illness, this Friday she also remembered her first marriage with the television cameraman Miguel Ángel Polvorinos: “I married a television cameraman the first time.” They were married from 1992 to 1996: “He stopped talking to me, he didn’t want me to get divorced,” she said, laughing.

To this day, he knows nothing about him: “As he is a beautiful person, I suppose he will be great, happy and stable. He is a man whom I remember with great affection. He was part of what was a different experience, which was the live together”.

Terelu also had some words for Alejandro, her daughter’s father, who is another member of the family and has mourned the death of the veteran communicator as one: “She is my family (…) That does not mean that she is whom I have loved the most, but without a doubt he has been the most important because with him I have had what I consider to be the most valuable, our daughter.