Belén Esteban, arrogance, tramples on the new Mediaset Code of Ethics: “I don’t care”

When the dome of the chain of Fuencarral led by Alessandro Salem imposed the new ethical regulations, many knew that some journalists and commentators were going to make it difficult. And they were not wrong. bethlehem esteban It is one of the most problematic and there are already several occasions in which the Code has been passed through the triumphal arch. The last one, this Tuesday: “I don’t care”, he said.

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The group talked about Pinocchio and his paternity suit when Belén named Kiko Rivera, one of Salem’s vetoes: “Why don’t we talk about ‘Pinocchio’ selling Kiko Rivera?” Asked the town’s princess. “Isa Pi’s brother”, she immediately corrected him Jorge Javier Vazquez. The collaborator has ignored him and has repeated the name of Kiko Rivera, which has caused the presenter to interrupt her again: “Do you let me finish?”, She has asked her, angry. “Kiko Rivera, not Isa Pi’s brother”. Faced with Vázquez’s scolding, Belén has tried to leave the set: “I don’t care if you can’t name it.”

Bethlehem’s rebellion will not come free. Last February, Informalia announced exclusively that Jesulín de Ubrique’s ex had already received a wake-up call from her bosses: “They have reprimanded her and told her that things have changed and that now they cannot tolerate certain behaviors. That with these things she puts the producer in a bind since the consequences of any reprimand will fall on her.” And more: “They could leave her in the fridge for a few days, without going to the program, if she is not willing to moderate.”

Thus, the last outing of the pot from Bethlehem this Tuesday could have very serious consequences for that of Paracuellos.