Belén Esteban and the Kardashians, together at Rosalía’s wedding?: madness breaks out in networks

The fans of Rosalía They wait like water in May for their wedding with the Puerto Rican singer Raw Alejandro. The Catalan artist announced it a few hours ago through her new video clip, and social networks are already fantasizing about the big day. Taking into account the list of such diverse friends that the flamenco revolutionary has, anything can happen.

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His acquaintances include bethlehem esteban. The princess of the town always sends her gazpachos and the singer does the same with her records and her products. In addition, Rosalía always has a place for her.

When the collaborator of Save me He goes to her concerts, she opens the doors of her dressing room wide for him. In fact, every time they pose together, their photos go viral. It is not for less, regardless of who it weighs, both are two authentic media phenomena in their respective fields: one on the small screen and the other, in international music. Belén, in addition, has already echoed the news of her friend on the networks.

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Rosalía’s friends also include Kim Kardashian and her sisters. River Llanos added to the list of acquaintances. The content creator, in fact, interviewed her a few days ago with Rauw Alejandro himself. They chatted together on the occasion of the EP that they have released together this Friday, through which they have confirmed the great news.

Pedro Almodovar he also makes good friends with the singer. Rosalía worked for him in parallel mothers and the man from La Mancha has attended their shows. Among the guests, the names of other patriotic faces such as Samantha Hudson and international artists like Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Lana del Rey… All very surreal, but at the level of the most successful singer in our country.

The networks, after the announcement, fantasize about the meeting of these possible guests during the celebration, for which there is still no date or place, unless it is publicly known. Imagination is free and so are memes. At least we have a laugh… which is always good.