Jokin Aperribay couldn't be more pleased. Because although the president of the Real Sociedad tries to hide his satisfaction with the leadership of his team in the First Division, the reality is that happiness invades him, in a special week, because he cannot arrive with more morals at the beginning of the phase of Europa League groups in the Croatian town of Rijeka. “Being a leader sounds very good, but I don't look at the classification,” he said with his small mouth in 'El Larguero', because he couldn't help but smile.

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The truth is that there is a team with fewer games and I am one of those who do not look at the classification, but it sounds very good. With how weird everything is being, it is of little use to look at the classification “, Aperribay points out, trying to downplay a fact that, no matter how you look at it, is historical. Although what he does value is having reached the top of the classification with Zubieta as the basis of everything. “We have 16 Zubieta players in the first team, it is an incredible number, it means that we are the First team with the most players trained in their quarry in the first team.” Aperribay valued this fact because the club's intention is to get its best Zubieta players to stay. “It is true that we have had flames for some of our best players, but we want to continue building the team and advancing. We had already planned Llorente's departure, but we have young centrals who have been asking for passage. We are happy, we are building a team. “

And to finish, logically, he also referred to the intention of putting 600 partners in Anoeta in the Europa League game against Naples next week, on October 29. “We will do what the authorities say, we do not have an obsession to bring people to the field. The first thing is health. But we have made a protocol and we think that we are prepared for when the authorities leave us. I think we will see what the evolution of the pathogen is like and we will see what happens. The Basque Government has released new restrictions and spoke of 600 people, and it will be those who can enter “.

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