Luis Enrique faces the last match of the qualifying phase for the World Cup in Qatar in an advantageous situation, with Spain leading by one point more than Sweden and earning him a draw today. But yesterday in The Sanhedrin of The spar all agreed that the coach’s continuity is not at all clear. Qualifying has turned out to be more complicated than expected and that all these circumstances have drawn a different picture than when the qualifying phase began, now eight months ago.

“What is evident is that in the atmosphere there is a feeling that before Luis Enrique had blank paper to sign his renewal and now it is not like that. I have the feeling that neither party wants to reach the Qatar World Cup with the signed contract, “he said. Antonio Romero.

Julio Polished He pointed to changes in the coach about his continuity: “I think something has broken there. Luis Enrique’s speech has been modified. If Luis Enrique had very clear that he wanted to continue after the World Cup, he would have signed Rubiales’ proposal, but he did not “.

For Miguel Martin Talavera It is normal that now there is a parenthesis and that the decision is carried over to later, until after the World Cup in Qatar: “It seems normal to me that the cycle is closed after the final phase and then it is decided between the two if they are going to continue or not. I think we are going to qualify, we are going to try to do a good job in the World Cup and from there we will see. “