Min. 00The broadcast of the meeting reaches here! A pleasure and until next time!

Min. 00The result leaves a clear advantage for the French ahead of the return leg in Paris, especially due to the three goals as visitors, but the tie cannot be closed, far from it, especially with Bayern's level at this level.

Min. 00Final at the Allianz Arena! Paris Saint-Germain surprise and defeat Bayern in Munich! The German team managed to tie the game in the second half with a header from Müller, but a new appearance by Mbappé, inventing a goal in an action that seemed harmless, ended up giving the victory to the Parisians. Huge performance by Keylor Navas, who supported his team with ten saves, in an unsuccessful commitment to goal for the Bavarians, who made 12 shots on goal.


Min. 90There is a lack of Boateng on Rafinha and it seems that it will be the last of the match.

Min. 90Two minutes are added.

Min. 90Change in PSG. Neymar leaves, author of two assists today, and Rafinha enters.

Min. 90Alaba's header after a Kimmich cross that goes overlooked!

Min. 90Yellow for Choupo-Moting for the claim to the referee.

Min. 89Another corner for the Bavarians when the local footballers ask Mateu Lahoz for a penalty!

Min. 88Corner for Bayern who does not lower his arms.

Min. 87MÜLLER MISSES IT! Finishes bitten the German in the heart of the area that leaves outside!

Min. 86FOR LITTLE PRAISE! Choupo-Moting holds the ball and leaves it served to the Austrian on the edge of the area, who looks for a tight shot that goes out!

Min. 85Draxler's shot too high after Kimmich's start error!

Min. 84PSG seem more comfortable on the pitch now, as we enter the final minutes of the match.

Min. 80Pavard Center Failing to Head Coman!

Min. 80The 80 minutes of play begin to be noticed in the physique of both teams. Bayern's dominance and pressure has diminished, leaving more space for Paris.

Min. 77Keylor's magnificent intervention against Choupo-Moting, but the action is invalidated for offside!

Min. 76We continue adding figures in Mbappé's scoring record. The Frenchman has already participated in 37 goals in 34 games for PSG in the Champions League (21 goals, 16 assists), and has scored eight in eight games in the competition this season.

Min. 75Clear the PSG of its area.

Min. 74Corner for Bayern.

Min. 73Bayern push in search of the tie again!

Min. 73Yellow card Jérôme Boateng

Min. 72Change at Paris Saint-Germain. Moise Kean enters and Di María exits. Pochettino gets another striker!

Min. 71Kimmich sees the second card in the Bavarian team.

Min. 70THE BAYERN HAD IT! Choupo-Moting's shot inside the area that ends up in Keylor's hands!

Min. 69The things of football and great footballers! Despite Bayern's overwhelming dominance, Paris hit the chin again after Mbappé invented the same.

Min. 69GOOOL OF PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN !!! GOAL FROM MBAPPÉ! Bayern 2-3 PSG! Again Mbappé, who does not need much to score! The Frenchman appears on the left and before Boateng's mark he takes a low shot at the near post that leaves Neuer out of position!

Min. 66We continue with Kimmich's statistics so far this game. He is the player on the field that has given the most good passes, in total (46) and in the rival field (43), in addition to the nine shooting or goal assists he has made.

Min. 65Paris Saint-Germain did not react after the goal. The French are far from Neuer's goal, but with Neymar and Mbappé on the scene you always have to be vigilant.

Min. 63Müller's shot from Chilean to Kimmich's pass that goes off course!

Min. 63Draxler takes the second yellow of the night, the first in Paris.

Min. 61Bayern tied it when a few minutes ago we highlighted the incidence of Kimmich in the game of Bayern! The '6' of the Bavarians adds eight shooting and goal assists tonight.

Min. 61BAYERN GOAL !!! GOAL FROM MÜLLER! BAYERN 2-2 PSG! Another fantastic center from Kimmich that Müller heads into the box!

Min. 60Free kick for Bayern on the right side.

Min. 59Neuer avoided PSG's third after a heads-up against Mbappé, but the line points out that the Frenchman was ahead! If the action was worth it, the intervention of the German goalkeeper would have been crucial.

Min. 58Very weak Kimmich auction that remains in the hands of Keylor!

Min. 58Bayern continues to reach the PSG area, but it is costing them that last pass from face to door.

Min. 56Kimmich's party cannot go unnoticed either. The German has attended six actions that have ended in auction so far.

Min. 55There are already eight saves for Keylor Navas so far this game! The goalkeeper has been key to keeping the Parisians ahead, both in the first half and now.

Min. 53AND ANOTHER OF KEYLOR! The Tico goalkeeper stretches to deny Pavard's shot from under!

Min. 53Alaba's very focused shot that Keylor clears!

Min. 52NEYMAR HAD IT! Paris stumbled dangerous arrival, which ends with a shot by Neymar against Neuer, but this time the goalkeeper manages to avoid the French goal!

Min. 50It all ends in a dangerous play action by Müller.

Min. 50New corner kick for Bayern, the tenth of the match for them.

Min. 48Bayern keep pushing in the rival area! The Germans do not lower their offensive intensity.

Min. 47Despite Choupo-Moting's great goal, Bayern undoubtedly miss Lewandowski on their attacking front. The Pole has scored in 10 of his 13 Champions League games with Flick in command.

Min. 47Second change in Paris for the second half. Bakker enters and Diallo leaves.


Min. 01Special mention for Neymar, who with two assists has led his team in the first half.

Min. 01A stick from Choupo-Moting early in the game and two crucial interventions by Keylor Navas frustrated Bayern as they trailed by one. And it is that the Germans, despite being at a disadvantage, have finished six times on goal, by two of PSG, and register a ball possession of more than 60%.

Min. 01Rest at the Allianz Arena! What a great game we had in these first 45 minutes! Paris Saint-Germain went to the dressing rooms with the advantage on the scoreboard after a first half of great intensity. An early counterattack goal by Mbappé, passed by Neymar and with the help of Neuer, put the French ahead, who saw the 0-2 minutes later disappear after a goal that was invalidated by Draxler. However, that second Parisian goal came at 28 'in Marquinhos' boots, also from Neymar's pass, although the central defender had to retire injured in the next action. Choupo-Moting put Bayern to one with a great cross header.


Min. 45Müller's header that Navas catches!

Min. 45Two more minutes will be played.

Min. 45New corner kick for the Germans.

Min. 44The PSG gets the ball out of their area. Bayern monopolize the ball in these final minutes of the first half.

Min. 44Danilo clears a header and a new corner for Bayern!

Min. 43Another change at Bayern. Süle leaves and Boateng enters. Flick already sold out two variants before the break.

Min 40What an intense game we have had at the Allianz Arena in these 40 minutes of play. It's a fantastic staging of two teams with different strategies.

Min 38Bayern is getting back into the result, because they have never been absent from the game! Great Choupo-Moting resolution to bring Bavarians closer.

Min 38BAYERN GOAL !!! CHOUPO-MOTING GOAL! BAYERN 1-2 PSG! Choupo-Moting's great cross header after a Pavard cross from the right!

Min. 36Lucas Hernández wins the first yellow of the match for this infraction.

Min. 35Interesting foul for PSG on the right side, after a violation by Lucas.

Min. 34And change at Bayern too! Whether it is tactical or physical remains to be seen. Goretzka leaves and Alphonso Davies enters.

Min 33Ander Herrera was placed next to Gueye in the medullary and Danilo remains as central in the Parisian team after the departure of Marquinhos.

Min 32Crucial intervention by Lucas Hernández, who steals the ball from Neymar just as the Brazilian was preparing to shoot inside the area!

Min. 31Marquinhos is injured! The author of the second Paris goal cannot continue. Ander Herrera enters.

Min. 30Half a goal from Neymar the latter! The Brazilian's pass leaves only Marquinhos, who receives and ends in a great way.

Min. 29GOOOL OF PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN !!! GOAL FROM MARQUINHOS! Bayern 0-2 PSG! Huge pass by Neymar, who catches the Bayern defense leaving, and leaves Maquinhos enabled! The center-back defines only against Neuer!

Min. 28Mbappé getaway, beating Süle in speed! Corner for PSG.

Min. 27HE DOESN'T GET TO FINISH CHOUPO-MOTING! A past center that the local striker fails to hit the far post!

Min. 26Coman escape to the left, who wins a new corner kick for Bayern!

Min. 25Paris Saint-Germain cannot reach the Neuer area. After the goal disallowed by Draxler, very little of the Parisian team, who accused the pressure of the Germans in attack.

Min. 24Two huge interventions by Keylor keep the French ahead in the game.

Min. 22Bayern exceed 65% in the possession record so far. However, Mbappé's goal keeps PSG ahead in Munich.

Min. 21Bayern's offensive pressure is suffocating Paris Saint-Germain at the start. It is an overwhelming dominance of the German team so far, something that does not accompany the result in these 21 minutes of play.

Min. 20New corner for Bayern.

Min. 20ANOTHER KEYLOR STOP! The visitors' goalkeeper sends Pavard's foot to the corner!

Min. 19SAVE KEYLOR OVER THE LINE! Crucial intervention by the Tico goalkeeper after a point-blank header from Goretzka into the small area!

Min. 17Bayern continues to push in attack in search of a tie, but leaves many spaces in the background, something that Paris Saint-Germain enjoys with footballers like Neymar and Mbappé in front.

Min. 17Neuer fists to get the ball out of his area!

Min. 16Set-piece opportunity for Paris from the left side.

Min. 15Marquinhos clears, but the ball remains the property of the German team. The French wait on their field.

Min. 15Corner for Bayern.

Min. 14A fact in relation to Mbappé's goal is that the Frenchman has already participated in 36 goals in 34 games with PSG in the Champions League (20 goals, 16 assists), and has scored seven in eight games in the competition this season, his best scorer record in the same campaign (also six in 2016-17).

Min. 13Goretzka shot blocked by PSG's defensive line, while Bayern players call for a penalty! Mateu Lahoz says he doesn't see anything.

Min 12GOAL OVERTURNED TO DRAXLER !!! The German scores after a move by Mbappé at speed, a pass from Neymar, but the Frenchman was in an illicit position!

Min. 10THE BAYERN HAD IT! Müller loses it in front of Navas after uncomfortably finishing a ball inside the area!

Min 08Bayern press and push after that first blow to the chin that meant Mbappé's goal. The Germans are constantly projected with their sides, especially Lucas Hernández. Much mobility of the three footballers behind Choupo-Moting: Sané, Müller and Coman.

Min 08Kimmich's launch to the barrier and Alaba's high shot on the rebound!

Min 06Great free kick opportunity now for Bayern, on the edge of the area!

Min. 05Strange to see Neuer so inaccurate against a shot like Mbappé, who went to the body of the German goalkeeper. The power of the shot made the shot finish inside the goal.

Min. 04GOOOL OF PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN !!! GOAL FROM MBAPPÉ! Bayern 0-1 PSG! Counterattack from the French that ends in a pass from Neymar and a point-blank shot from Mbappé, who is unable to stop Neuer despite the fact that the shot hits him!

Min. 03AL PALO !!! Choupo-Moting shot to the crossbar after a corner from the Bavarians!

Min 02Bayern's first dangerous arrival in the game! Lucas Hernández escapes to the left and forces a corner after an intervention by Navas!

Min 02As expected, Mbappé is the maximum offensive reference at PSG. Neymar is placed behind the French, accompanied by Di María and Draxler at the sides.


Min. 00The Champions League anthem sounds at the Allianz!

Min. 00The protagonists take the field!

Min. 00The main referee tonight will be the Spanish Antonio Mateu Lahoz. Alejandro Hernández Hernández will be in the VAR.

Min. 00Neymar returns to PSG, who was sent off last Saturday against Lille and who missed the round of 16 tie against Barcelona. There are three modifications of Pochettino with respect to the last Ligue 1 meeting, with the losses of Verratti, Florenzi, Paredes, Kurzawa and Icardi. Dagba, Danilo and Draxler have made a hole in the eleven.

Min. 00Flick presents tonight the same eleven that defeated Leipzig in the Bundesliga last Saturday, with the significant losses of Gnabry and Lewandowski, which puts Coman in the spotlight again. The German team has only seven substitutes for this match.

Min. 00And it is that Bayern has only lost more games in the Champions League against Real Madrid (10) than against Paris Saint-Germain (5), while the five victories of the Parisians against the Bavarians is their highest figure against a same rival in the competition.

Min. 00Bayern Munich have won their last two matches against PSG in the Champions League, the same number of victories as in the remaining seven times in which they met in the competition, since the first in 1994 (2V 5D). However, this is the second time they have run into each other in a knockout instance, after the last finale. The rest of the commitments were by group stage.

Min. 00Paris Saint-Germain, meanwhile, are second in Ligue 1 after losing last day to Lille, completing their second league defeat in the three most recent games (1V). At the European level, the French add five games without knowing defeat (4V 1E), reaping the same number of victories as in the seven previous commitments in the competition (4V 3D).

Min. 00In addition to their status as leaders of the Bundesliga, with seven points ahead of the second, Bayern accumulate 19 Champions League matches without losing defeat, winning 18 of them (1E). The Bavarians' last defeat in the competition was in March 2019, when they were eliminated by Liverpool (1-3). In that streak of 19 games without losing, Bayern have averaged 3.5 goals per game, scoring 67 times and conceding just 15 goals.

Min. 00The grand final of the last Champions League is relived! After the decisive game of the 2019-20 season, which gave the Germans their sixth European Cup last August, the two teams meet again in continental competition, this time at an earlier stage.

Min. 00PSG will take the field with: Keylor Navas – Dagba, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Diallo – Danilo Pereira, Gueye – Di María, Draxler, Neymar – Mbappé.

Min. 00Let's go with the starting eleven at the Allianz Arena! Bayern comes out with: Neuer – Pavard, Süle, Alaba, Lucas Hernández – Kimmich, Goretzka – Sané, Müller, Coman – Choupo-Moting.

Min. 00Good evening and welcome to the match between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals! We started!

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