Bayern beat Ancelotti's Real Madrid with 23 wins in a row

Javi Martínez's goal has not only meant the conquest of the 2nd European Super Cup for Bayern Munich. This victory means the number 23 followed by the German giant, that is, they surpass the record of 22 wins that Real Madrid recorded by Carlo Ancelotti in 2014. In addition, they cut Sevilla's winning streak, which, for its part, was 21 games in a row without losing. They did it in the proudest way possible.

Bayern Shield / Flag

Real Madrid achieved that record between the months of September and December 2014. A total of 22 matches won, ten as a local and another twelve as a visitor. 80 goals were scored in favor and 10 conceded. Valencia was the team that managed to cut and set the record in that figure.

Then, six years later, Bayern Munich arrived to pulverize it with their victory in Budapest against Sevilla. 23 consecutive victories to which, in addition, we have to add to the 32 duels in total that they have not lost a game (in 2020 they have not fallen). The perfect machine built by Hans Flick, the coach who arrived as an interim and has built a real monster in European football. We will have to be aware until when and how far the record goes. For now, in five days the German Super Cup will be played against Borussia Dortmund. Can Haaland, Sancho and company against them?