MUNICH (GERMANY), 25 Jan. (dpa/EP) –

Bayern Munich will be able to receive up to 10,000 fans at its next home game in the Bundesliga under the decision taken on Tuesday by the German state of Bavaria to relax restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Professional sports clubs in this region, including Bundesliga clubs Bayern and Augsburg, have been forced to play behind closed doors since December due to rising infection rates. Based on the new regulations, the stadiums will be able to have a capacity of 25 percent of their capacity, up to a maximum of 10,000 spectators.

Fans must have the complete vaccination schedule or have recovered from a coronavirus infection, plus a negative test result or the booster vaccine, and wear a mask.

Bavaria eased restrictions imposed by rising infections before states are set to debate a nationwide rule on February 9. In contrast, some federal states still do not allow fans to enter the stadiums, while others allow a capacity of up to 50 percent of the capacity.