Baskonia signs the Turkish double against Fenerbahce

Baskonia signs the Turkish double against Fenerbahce

Those of Peñarroya beat the leader at home, like Efes two days ago, to establish themselves at the top


Cazoo Baskonia added (70-76) a second prestigious victory this week on Turkish soil against the Euroleague leader, a Fenerbahce beaten in the first half and held in the second by Joan Peñarroya’s men, who ask for a place in the ‘ Top 4’ after 14 games.

The explosion in the second quarter, to command twenty points, and the resistance and strong mentality in the second half, with the claw of Sedekerskis at the moment of suffering, put those from Vitoria with 9-5, in the jam who is chasing the head that Dimitrios Itoudis’ men still keep despite their two defeats this week (10-4).

The double in Istanbul at the expense of the leader became feasible from very early on. The Basque team left a spectacular first half, more than 20 rental points in the second quarter, which dismantled a Fenerbahce where Jekiri could hardly stand out. The Turkish team had a terrible success and a null defense against an inspired rival.

The Turkish defensive transition was a drain for a Bakonia that scored in all possible ways, with two three-pointers from Costello opening the first gap (10-17). The local reaction did not come, with six turnovers in the first quarter, and Henry and Howard launched the ordeal that fell with a bang in the second set in Istanbul.

Peñarroya’s team liked both of them, an unleashed Henry who was returning after being absent against Efes for personal reasons and a Howard who needed little to plug in. Enoch, also back after injury, Marinkovic, Kotsar, Thompson, no one wanted to miss the Barca party in 20 glorious minutes at the Ülker Sports Arena.

The most difficult yet, beating Efes and Fenerbahce at home in two days, was very challenging with 33-52 at the break, but the time came to suffer and for that Baskonia closed ranks around Sedekerskis (17 PIR). Itoudis’ men put up the best defense in the Euroleague and found Guduric’s points to row until they got fully into the game.

Howard dodged his double mark to still maintain some cushion for the fourth quarter (56-67), but the scoring drought seemed hopeless for the Basques. It was a last set with few points (14-9) but with Fenerbahce more forced. Edwards, with Guduric’s fifth foul and Wilbekin’s and Motley’s casualties, gave the last scare to a Baskonia team that would have signed the victory by any means.


–RESULT: FENERBAHCE, 70 – CAZOO BASKONIA, 76. (33-52, at halftime).


FENERBAHCE: Calathes (11), Guduric (14), Hayes-Davis (-), Birsen (2) and Jekiri (12) — the starting quintet– Edwards (10), Mahmutoglu (11), Booker (-), Akpinar (-), Peter (10).

CAZOO BASKONIA: Thompson (4), Marinkovic (5), Giedraitis (-), Hommes (2) and Enoch (9) –starting five–; Costello (10), Kotsar (10), Henry (13), Sedekerskis (8), Howard (15).

–PARTIALS: 13-21, 20-31, 23-15, 14-9.

–REFEREES: Ryzhyk, Vilius and Nedovic. Eliminated for fouls Guduric.

–PABELLON: Ülker Sports.