Baskonia comes out of the pothole against Zalgiris

Those of Peñarroya, from less to more in the Buesa Arena, cut their bad moment


Cazoo Baskonia beat Zalgiris Kaunas (93-73) this Wednesday in the ninth day of the Euroleague held at the Fernando Buesa Arena, a must-follow match for the locals after three straight losses.

The Basque team had to win to get out of their first pothole with Joan Peñarroya. The last two continental defeats against Panathinaikos and Monaco, plus the one against Manresa on the weekend in the League, were the ballast that was noticeable at the start.

Baskonia failed in the rebound and in success, without reaching the intensity that the match called for until the second half. Costello (19 points and 7 rebounds), Thompson (19) and Henry led the Basque performance to get to 5-4 in the table, even with those from Kaunas.

The baskets of Ulanovas and Evans were the Lithuanian food in the first half. There, Baskonia looked for himself in attack, especially wanting to recover the hit from three, but he neglected the rebound and a direct block that did not work, with easy baskets from the visitors. Henry and Marinkovic added in the second quarter, but the locals lacked more spark after 20 minutes (42-44).

The restart was from Zalgiris, but the local team soon hit the table. With Thompson, Henry and Costello, Peñarroya’s team led the attack, while closing the doors behind. Evans avoided the Lithuanian surrender, but in the last quarter the success (29-15) of a Baskonia that feels strong again was unleashed.


–RESULT: CAZOO BASKONIA, 93 – ZALGIRIS KAUNAS, 73. (42-44, at halftime).


CAZOO BASKONIA: Thompson (19), Howard (3), Díez (-), Sedekerskis (3) and Kotsar (6) –starting five–; Giedraitis (9), Hommes (5), Costello (19), Henry (15), Marinkovic (14).

ZALGIRIS KAUNAS: Evans (17), Ulanovas (18), Bradzeikis (10), Smits (2) y Hayes (4) –initial quintet– Giedraitis (-), Lekavicius (1), Dimsa (11), Cavanaugh ( 1), Butkevicius (7), Birutis (2).

–PARTIALS: 21-20, 21-24, 22-14, 29-15.

–REFEREES: Ryzhyk, Pukl and Boubert. No deleted.

–PAVILION: Buesa Arena.