Real Valladolid is having to face in this first fortnight of January the worst moment of the season in the physical section. To the several positives that he presents for coronavirus, we must add the current and recent injuries of different footballers, which have made a dent in recent weeks and threaten to continue like this in a key month like this, in which the Blanquivioletas They will face the Copa del Rey and several games against direct rivals for permanence.

In recent days, the entity has notified the positive for COVID-19 from El Yamiq, Jota and Miguel Rubio, the latter from Promesas although in first team dynamics. Likewise, an unidentified member of the coaching staff and another player from the subsidiary currently suffer from the disease, since Burgos, in the statement in which it reports the suspension of Sunday's clash against Baraja, indicates that there are three adverse outcomes in these.

In the same way, the recent operation of Marcos André we must add a near future, that of Raul Carnero, notified this Wednesday. While the forward could be expected at the end of the season (although Sergio was pessimistic recently), the left-back will miss the remainder of the season, so Real Valladolid will have to sign players in both positions to face the second half of the campaign .

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Along with the previous two, it is still in the dry dock Kiko Olivas, who is not expected to work with the group until March, and Saidy janko. The Swiss full-back was going to be out for three to four weeks, it was reported on December 13. However, he still does not enter with the group. To all this must be added the recent annoyances of other players such as Joaquín, Orellana and Guardiola, who could not be headlines against Valencia because they found themselves coming out of injuries, or Waldo, who is expected in the Cup on Saturday.

With four confirmed injured and two footballers with COVID, against the Peña Deportiva we can expect again the presence of more than one player from Promesas, especially after the postponement of his match. Due to the precautions maintained by Sergio González on previous occasions from the regulatory point of view, it is possible that up to three will play. Taking into account the problems in defense, it seems clear that some will do it back (although Miguel Rubio, habitual in this competition until now, will not be available).

Even with everything, given the difference in category with respect to its rival, Real Valladolid will have practically the obligation to get the pass in Ibiza, which would add one more stake at the end of this month, in two weeks, to the three already disputed and the other three pending. To get that classification, Valladolid would end up playing eight games this month: three cupbearers and five corresponding to LaLiga, where he has three left to play.

These three pending bets will be against Elche, Levante and Huesca, on Tuesday 19, Friday 22 and Friday 29, respectively. Overcome the disappointment of the poor performance against Valencia, in which the pucelanos were small, the last day of the first round (in which, to make matters worse, Bruno will not be there, due to the accumulation of cards) and the first two of the second They seem very important in the face of the goal of salvation (shared with those three rivals), especially two of them competing in Zorrilla.

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