From the environment of Blanca Cuesta we get the anger of Baroness Thyssen’s daughter-in-law with her mother-in-law. The statements of Aunt Cervera Risto Mejide, attacking the people closest to her son, accusing them of having separated her from her son “They have taken him out of his boxes”because they say that “It is evident that it is a direct dart towards Blanca”with whom “he has never had a very correct relationship”.

Tita was clear: “The people who surround my son are not as they were Borja nor like I am”. In other words, you believe that the environment that surrounds your child is not the most favorable for the mother-child disagreements to normalize.

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Another confidence, this one from the circle close to the Baroness, adds that “we must remember that Tita was hand in hand with Borja until Blanca came into her life.” It has been published that the Baroness could not stand that woman and offered her son to buy him a house if he broke up with her girlfriend. An offer that he did not accept and he sided with his girlfriend, thus facing his mother. Although sometimes they try to pretend to be a seamless family union, nothing could be further from the truth.

Gone are the good times lived by mother and son at the time when Baron Heinrich Thyssen lived, when harmony reigned in a family that, then, was very close.