The overpopulation of the squad has not reached the goal. Fourth start for the German. He comfortably stopped a shiver from Di María. He could do nothing before Kean’s irruption at point-blank range at 1-1.

Sergio Robert MOVABLE

After playing indoors against Madrid, he started this time on the side. He went to the pressure with desire but there he left some space behind him that Cuadrado took advantage of. He left the field minutes after receiving a stomp from Cuadrado.

Christensen STYLISH

A defender with a stamp that likes to see him move with the ball. It will be necessary to test it in the days of aerial bombardment, which there will be. Otherwise, he was intense in late recovery.

Eric Garcia interested

As long as no more candidates arrive for the central ‘opos’, they must hurry to show their merits. To his pity, Kean won his back in 1-1 action.

Jordi Alba SCARCE

He did not attack due to lack of opportunity and did not defend because the entire Juventus game went to the other flank.


The stocking configuration, more physical by Kessie’s legs, was explained in the Dallas cauldron. But a greater association was longed for.


His role is between being the ‘alter ego’ of Busquets when the boss is not there and an interior with threat when he is. He lacked a point of attention and precision.


He was seen to be looser against new rivals for him than this dynamic Juve that appeared in Dallas. He started from the inside left, although without attacking bite until, at the stroke of half-time, he burst into the Juventus area with his proverbial energy to stay inches from a goal denied by Szczesny.


Challenging ownership after Raphinha’s exhibitions. The French accepted the challenge, signing the afternoon players with zigzag internships that meant the two goals for Barça in the first half. Especially brilliant was the first, when he nailed Alex Sandro before connecting a very hard cross kick. He nearly went into the break adding an assist, leaving Kessie alone.

Lewandowski WHEEL

More minutes for the Golden Boot to become familiar with the culés autmatisms, although the company experienced a ‘deja vu’ from Dortmund. He had only one chance to connect on his shot. He moved smartly.


Sneaking into the lead will be expensive, which is why a striker like him may have to play again from a heel, as in his beginnings, especially with Lewandowski on the field. He had an opportunity to connect the dangerous shot from him.

Dest outwitted

The American came on for Sergi Roberto and Cuadrado strolled down the hallway of his house in the play that gave rise to 1-1. Too easy for the Colombian.

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