During the last five years, Barça received more than 100 internal complaints to the ‘compliance’ department (internal control of the club), about 20 per year, which is four times what a company of its size of employees has on average, as explained by the newspaper ‘ARA’.

The World Compliance Association (WCA), an international non-profit organization made up of professionals and organizations interested in the world of compliance, estimates that On average, in a European company with approximately 1,500 workers, those of the Barça club, about five internal complaints are usually received per year.

The report of the Catalan newspaper also highlights the large number of complaints of workplace harassment among the hundred. “In this club people are used as scapegoats to cover up the crap of the others. Much has been covered and in the end it has petado. The reality of the club today has not happened by chance”, a former employee from the commercial area explained to the ARA.

Another employee, who in this case continues to work at Barça with a high position, assured that “the situation has not changed much” since the arrival to the presidency of Joan Laporta in March (from 2014 to 2020 the club was led by Josep Maria Bartomeu) because “there are certain dynamics and forms of toxic leadership among the workers who are still there.”

Barça’s compliance department was established in 2016 and since then it has had four directors: Sabine Paquer, Noelia Romero, Mireia Simona and Xavi Mas, the current one. Barça workers also have the possibility to report internally through the human resources department.

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