Maybe thinking about how well he had done Turin (0-2), in what he considers the best game of the season, Koeman lined up the same attack front with Pedri, Dembélé, Messi and Griezmann. De Jong and Pjanic formed the expected midfielder before the drop of Sergio Busquets and Sergi Roberto beat Dest's pulse to play on the right side. The rest was expected. This was the one by one of a Barça without football, without character, without leadership, without Messi. His image is that of Piqué's tears. The one by one of a Barça to cry.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Ter Stegen. After making one of the best LaLiga saves shot by Saúl, he rushed out of Carrasco's 1-0 goal. It was not all his fault, the errors of the play were chained, but the German showed that he does not handle the spaces well when they take him out of the goal. A subject that has been pending for many years. Maybe that's why little comes out.

Sergi Roberto. He is a player to whom it cannot be argued that he gives what he has, but he begins to suffer a lot for his area. He finished as a midfielder and injured. He has self-esteem, but is at his limit. And the level is starting to beat him. He has a muscle injury to the biceps femoris in his right leg.

Pique. One of his blackest nights as a Barça player. In football, his performance was a horror. In the middle of the first part, he already failed in a very serious error that they corrected him. On the brink of halftime, he insisted on action, he lost control and allowed the transition from 1-0. Then the misfortune of the injury. He left through tears in one of his saddest days as Barça coach.

Lenglet. One of the few who kept his composure at Barça. He fixed Piqué's mess, played concentrated and was about to score two head goals. He did not finish well, but it was the only thing he did not hit. Worthy.

Sunrise. He complied. He did not connect with Pedri, he no longer connects with Messi and it was difficult for him to surprise. But he played a professional game and defended himself.

Pjanic. It did not contribute anything new. He had no hierarchy in the field. He threw the corners he threw badly, he did not govern the game, he made waters with De Jong in the center of the field … Suspense.

De Jong. His image is that of that player who, in the second minute of the second half, is not able to put his foot decisively and gets out of the way in an individual duel. Unacceptable in an 86 million euro player who did not rule the game and who is being swallowed. He is professional at his job, but that is not enough.

Dembélé. Play your match. It's pyrotechnic, great for social media. But it weighs little and if it does, for the worse. On the brink of halftime, after hurting his shoulder, he dribbled himself and lost a ball that ended up 1-0. He tries, of course, but he is a player who can only give or take things from himself. It is not collective.

Messi. He confirmed what he had said at the Barcelona airport upon his return from Peru. It's a problem for the team. He did not act as captain, he has not decided a game away from home for a year, something hardly acceptable in a player who wins a fortune and is the Ballon d'Or; and also his attitude was not the best. He also did not show his face after the game, as expected of a player wearing the armband instead of sending a 17-year-old to the lions.

Pedri. If he does not come into contact with the ball, he suffers. He worked but was Koeman's first substitute. He had the gallantry to show his face at the age of 17 after a defeat in which the rest of the heavyweights got out of the way.

Griezmann. Mediocre. Nothing worse can be said of a player. Or if. If I hadn't gone out into the field, it wouldn't have been noticed.

In the second part they came out:

Coutinho. Intrascendent. It floated across the field but was not noticed. A good example of the lack of leadership at Barça, of the lack of character.

Dest. His entry has little analysis because by then Barça was already in tactical chaos.

Trincao. At least he tries and has an attitude, something that other players of this Barça that need new fire cannot say.

Braithwaite. It is rowdy, but it lacks quality. I was there to take advantage of an Oblak bug, but then it didn't resolve.


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