Before the RAC 1 information on Monday night in which it was revealed that five players and two members of the technical staff had tested positive for the coronavirus, FC Barcelona passed the ball to LaLiga. What the club wants to point out is that If this happened, it was LaLiga's responsibility to make them known or not, which is the entity that carried out the controls and reported that there were no cases in the Blaugrana squad.

The seven cases were detected in the analyzes carried out by the club's staff and staff before training again at the Sant Joan Despí facilities, and in them it was discovered that they had passed the virus, but that they were asymptomatic.

From the club they assure that LaLiga communicated to them that the information management was their responsibility and that they would already communicate if there were any cases. Seeing that those affected were asymptomatic and that they had passed the virus and were in good condition, they assumed that they did not consider it appropriate to report it. In fact, Barça was told they had zero cases.

They add from Barcelona that the controls were not carried out by the club's medical personnel, but that LaLiga sent health personnel from a laboratory that collected the samples and sent them to be analyzed. The results were transmitted directly to the organization chaired by Javier Tebas Seeing that these individuals had passed the disease without realizing it, they did not consider them relevant and therefore did not offer the information.

However, within the club's medical services These cases are closely followed, considering that the fact of having passed the virus even though it had developed antibodies, could have some consequence in the physical development of those affected.

The club is absolutely calm because although five players and two technicians passed the virus in their day, today all the controls are negative and Setién has the entire squad ready to work.

Now what It remains to be seen is whether in the other clubs that passed the controls there were also cases of asymptomatic and LaLiga decided to act in the same way as he did with Barça or the Blaugrana club was the only one of this casuistry, which would be a statistical strangeness.