Barça reduces season tickets for next season at the Olympic Stadium by 50%


The Board of Directors of FC Barcelona agreed this Thursday to a 50% reduction in the prices of the passes for the next 2023-24 season at the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium, in relation to the prices initially announced.

According to the institutional vice president Elena Fort, in the presentation made at the board meeting, the main agreement has been this 50% reduction on the prices that had been presented at the beginning of May.

With this decision, the prices for Montjuic, where the Barca men’s first team will play in the 2023-2024 season while the Camp Nou Spotify is being remodeled, are established as follows: Grandstand (€870), Lateral (€500), Corner ( €450) and Gol (€360), prices that mean around 25% less than the current cost on Spotify Camp Nou.

“Since the first prices were set, which responded to economic demands in the face of a difficult year, the club set out to work with the possibility of being able to readjust prices,” said Fort, making it clear that members have been listened to, who have wanted to correspond with this discount “for the effort”.

“With this price readjustment, the previous process for the acquisition of Barça first team 2023/24 passes is without effect and the acquisition process will begin again next week with the new prices established by the Board of Directors,” the statement said. official of the Catalan team.