According to the ‘Onze’ program, the Barça club is still working to incorporate a “relatively low profile” player who has not appeared in the pools to reinforce the attack


The football director of the Barça club, Mateu Alemany, still has work ahead of him in this winter market

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After the transfers of Dani Alves and of Ferran Torres, Barça continues to work to continue strengthening itself in this winter market, and specifically to sign another striker, the next big goal. With the option of Morata almost ruled out since despite being a request from Terrassa, neither Allegri wants to let him leave Juventus nor is there a quorum in the club since it would be an expensive signing and it is not a Plan A like Haaland, as MD reports today, Barça is already working on an alternative. This was confirmed this Friday by the Esport 3 program ‘Onze’, which revealed that the Barça club is working to incorporate a ‘covered’ reinforce the attack.

The journalist Xavi Campos gave more details about this possible incorporation, which would not prevent the operation from continuing to try to bring Haaland in the summer, and whose name has not come out and has not appeared in recent weeks in terms of the Barça market. Yes it would be a “relatively low profile” player, according to the information from Esport 3. And it must be remembered that Barça does not have ‘fair play’ for more incorporations and there are few resources to generate it right now, as is also explained this Saturday in MD. A possible sale of Dembele if it is confirmed that it does not renew, extend the contract of Sergio Robert or transfers of Dest The grandchild They could be some of the solutions to finalize some more signings before January 31.

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