Improvements in all lines of business with figures higher than budgeted


FC Barcelona has closed the financial year of the 2022/23 season with a net profit of 304 million euros, higher than what was budgeted and approved in the Assembly, and has also improved the expected figures in “all lines of business.”

“The Board of Directors of FC Barcelona reports that the Club has closed the 2022/23 financial year with a net profit of 304 million euros after taxes, a result higher than that approved in last season’s budget,” the club announced in a statement. .

During the 2022/23 season, FC Barcelona achieved operating income of 1,259 million euros with operating expenses of 1,165 million euros, in a season that the entity assures will “go down in history” due to record figures. at an operational level in the commercial field and operation of the facilities.

And the club maintains that it has improved in all lines of business, recording figures higher than planned in each of them. On a commercial level, with revenues of 351 million euros (+43% compared to the previous year), the club has obtained historic activity figures.

The Sponsorship area has practically reached the figure of 200 million euros and merchandising sales in the Barça Stores have amounted to 100 million euros in sales, an absolute record in this line of business. While the club’s overall facilities have closed the 2022/23 to June 30 season with total income of €229 million, a figure 14% higher than budgeted and 8% more than what was recorded during the 2018 season/ 19, last before COVID-19.

Before the closure due to renovation works, the Spotify Camp Nou recorded 121 million revenues last season, with more than one million tickets sold to see the men’s first team and record box office turnover in women’s football, with 2.7 million euros, and at the Palau Blaugrana with basketball, with 4.5 million.

At the level of sponsorships, last year there was a record figure of 97.6 million thanks to the incorporation of 20 new sponsors, among which Spotify, Bimbo, Whitebit or the renewal with ScotiaBank and Stanley among others stand out. “Especially relevant have been the 7.8 million generated by women’s football, which has increased the section’s income by 95% in relation to the 2021/22 season,” highlighted the club.

The merchandising area also improved, since Barça Licensing & Merchandising (BLM) recorded a 54% increase in sales in physical stores compared to the previous year. Regarding e-commerce, the growth has been 47% with special growth in women’s clothing, where sales have grown by 275%.


The club recalls that, as approved at the last General Assembly of Committed Members, the sale of 15% of the audiovisual rights in the LaLiga professional football competition has been registered for an amount of 400 million euros.

“The Board has assessed as positive the final balance of this year in which the containment and spending reduction measures that have been carried out since the beginning of the current mandate have also been deepened,” the club noted in the statement.

In addition, the club’s net debt continues to be reduced for the second consecutive season, going from 680 million euros as of June 30, 2021 to the current 552 million euros as of June 30, 2023. This debt criterion is calculated following the calculation methods set by the LFP, and mainly includes net banking and sports debts, reduced by the treasury.

In the same way that the Board of Directors interprets, this debt method does not include all the loans related to the financing of ‘Espai Barça’, which are part of a separate structure that is financed with the resources generated by the project. This reduction in net debt has consequently allowed the reduction of the club’s overall debt.


Regarding the budget for the 2023/24 season, the club projects income of 859 million euros and a profit of 11 million euros before taxes, framed within the Viability Plan approved by the Board of Directors.

“The Board of Directors shows its conviction in ending this year with green numbers despite the reduction in ordinary income derived from the reduction in season tickets and regular ticket sales as a result of the move to the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys,” the entity assessed. .

And they assure that this season begins with an “additional effort” from the commercial areas, with a relevant containment of ordinary spending and a forecast of undertaking a very significant reduction in the salary mass of the professional teams, while maintaining and improves the sporting competitiveness of all teams.

“The Board of Directors wants to emphasize the great result of the operations carried out during the summer transfer window of the men’s first team that, together with the support and commitments assumed by the Board of Directors itself through the presentation of personal guarantees, allowed the registration of all the planned players to create a squad at the highest possible competitive level,” concluded the club’s statement.