Epic Barça, heroic Griezmann and Alba. That was Barça. Ronald Koeman kept almost nothing in Granada. If anything, Dembélé, who was replaced in the eleven by Trincao, whom the Dutchman does not want to lose for the final stretch of the season. Portuguese Sergi Roberto returned to the starting eleven more than two months later. He played the gala midfield and, of course, Messi. This was the one to one of Barça.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Ter Stegen. Sold in the three actions of the goals of Kenedy and Soldado. He also did not see the Fede Vico penalty coming. This time he didn't put on the hero cape. Every time they came to him they scored a goal.

Sergi Roberto. Accused inactivity. It did not hurt on the right and also suffered on defense. But the worst is what came in the second part. The relapse of the injury.

Araújo. He was seen more in attack than in defense, but did not find any clear shot. Away was not guilty of the goals and was dragged by the disaster of the team in the first half.

Umtiti. A disaster. He shot the ball in the 1-0 play and was unconcerned with Soldado in the action of the second, where he was embarrassed.

Sunrise. The hero, with his first double. The first, saved Barça from elimination. The second, with a goal with the left. I had faith to the end.

Busquets. Little participation in the game. He ended up replaced.

De Jong. With fewer spaces, he was a player with less impact in the game. Desperate, he lost himself in protests to the referee. But then, he appeared like an angel to make 3-4. Scorer again.

Pedri. Boy for everything, ended up playing defensive midfielder due to the desperate changes of Koeman. He always contributes to the team.

Trincao. Denied, he crashed into Aaron and then sent a ball to the wood. It lacks a point of class, although it is true that it is somewhat cursed.

Messi. At the hand of the operations of the comeback from that position of playmaker. With many players ahead, it hurt. But once again, who else he found was Jordi Alba and his new partner, Griezmann. He crashed a ball on the post that could have been 2-2 and was also in action at 3-4.

Griezmann. He signed a spectacular match. I had faith in the comeback and signed it with 2-3, although then Barça had to finish the game again. He scored the first, assisted in the second, did the third and assisted again in the fifth. Convey good vibes with the wardrobe.


Dembélé. Incisor. He smashed a ball off the crossbar and it was a nightmare for Neva, who was saved by aid. It goes to more. His individual plays, once anarchic, now give things to the team. You see him involved.

Riqui Puig. He set criteria at a time when, with the team changes, Barça was in chaos. His best contribution from the last games.

Braithwaite. Battler. He entangled the Granada defenders and was about to score a great goal.

Lenglet. He came out to reorganize the team, which was full of forwards. Umtiti's performance will leave him options for subsequent matches, if he also applies himself more.