Barça approved and suspended: Araujo, Dembélé and Pedri ask for another round of drinks

Net: Game not as calm as expected by the Brazilian goal, especially because of Medina's determination to look at goal. In any case, he resolved all the shots on goal with success. He was a bit more hesitant when it came to lateral centers and corner kicks.

Mingueza: It is evident that he does not move like a fish in water on the right wing, although at least he never loses face to the game. In the first part he never got along with a lost Trincao, but in the second, with Dembélé, everything was much simpler. He will surely repeat in the band against Elche.

Araujo: Spectacular. An impressive center-back in every way. Forceful, powerful, fast, feisty, suffering and so on until all the words are gone. We are facing a center-back who can make history at the club. He caused a penalty, played the physical on several occasions and showed everyone why the candidates do not believe it necessary to bring Erir García now.

Lenglet: He played with the captain's armband. His game was correct, without more. Of course, it caused a penalty, which Dembélé unfortunately missed. Good in anticipation and in the exit of the ball, sometimes it sins of lack of forcefulness.

Junior: Jordi Alba can breathe very calmly. The Dominican is no match for the Spanish. Flat game, without fanfare and with more mistakes than hits in the final score. If Milan wants it, it is to think about it.

Pjanic: The Bosnian played a discreet game, in which he greatly penalized his mistake in the penalty, although in honor of the truth, more than a failure by Miralem, it was a success of the rival goal. He was successful in some isolated actions and even shot on goal, with Ramon touching the ball just enough to send it to the crossbar. But Pjanic is asked for more prominence in the game. His level improved with the presence of Buquets in the field.

Ilaix: The young Guinean midfielder debuted with a more than worthy balance. He fought for all the balls, perhaps with an excess of momentum on occasion, causing unnecessary fouls. He never hid and even looked for the goal, with a shot from outside the area that ended up very far from the goal. If anything, a promising debut.

Riqui Puig: He was very participatory in the first half, looking for and asking for all the balls, but the truth is that the Matadepera man made many unforced errors. We do not know if it was because of this mistake or because he saw a yellow, but Koeman decided that he would not go out after the break.

Trincao: Party so disappointing as little of ideas of the Portuguese. He started playing on the right and after the break he tried on the left, with dire results in both ecosystems. He tried a volley shot off a Pjanic corner kick, with some danger. It is clear that the Portuguese extreme is too big for the Barcelona suit. His short and medium term future is outside the club. You have to look for a team that is more adapted to your level, a team that does not go out hunting big game every day.

Braithwaite: He scored a goal in the last gasp of the match thanks to an act of plenipotentiary generosity from Pedri. The Dane always fights and never gives a ball for lost. Before the goal, he had a great chance, only against Ramon, but his shot from point-blank range went straight to the doll.

Griezmann: The French still unconvinced. It cannot be denied that he gives everything on the field, that his game is usually very generous and that he always seeks to help his teammate on the field, but Antoine did not come to Barça for this, but to decide games and co-lead a project. Well today, neither one nor the other. Against Cornellà he also missed unjustifiable balls again, especially after a great free-kick from Pjanic, sending a ball to the clouds when he was alone in front of the goalkeeper.


Dembélé: He came out after the break and revolutionized the game, with his forays down the right wing, shattering Cornellà's defensive order. He retaliated for the missed penalty, threw it to the center and with little danger, with an extraordinary right hand that Ramon could do nothing, which came to touch the ball.

Sergio Busquets: He knew how to give meaning and clairvoyance to the team's game when he needed it most.

Pedri: The canary is always the beacon in the storm and the light in the tunnel. When he took to the field, in minute 73, the team began to play something else and to literally become the absolute owner of the game.

Konrad: On the first ball he touched he was close to beating Ramon. His forays down the left wing were always marked by danger.