Barbara Rey stops Angel Cristo dead in his tracks

Barbara King He said ‘enough’. The former star spoke at the ‘El Turronero’ Party about the criticism that her son, Angel Cristo Jr., poured out against her in her latest exclusive, statements that she calls “very serious” and that even made her own daughter, Sofía Cristo, cry a few hours later on the set of Espejo Público. This Sunday, the woman from Totana responded again to her former survivor after accusing her of having a gun in her house and that she “pretended” that she was going to commit suicide. Of course, she has done it with a very harsh message that finally sentences the relationship between mother and son.

The truth is that Sofía Cristo’s mother has come to moderate her opinions about her son and has even asked the network’s talk show hosts, in which Ángel is happy to criticize her, not to be “too harsh” with him in any more. of one occasion.

His patience has a limit, and his son’s accusations are immensely painful. Thus, she reiterates that Ángel’s statements are lies: “I hope he talks about his life. He says that his life is what he tells. That is not true, it is a total lie. If he has cut the umbilical cord with me, what he has to do is cut it for real and not do what he is doing.”has counted in Fiesta.

And, he continued: “I know how I have behaved with my children and the dedication I have had for them… for me, this is totally crazy”The former star cannot believe this situation, which is anything but pleasant, and asks that “justice be done and that it be known that everything (her son) says is a lie.” However, her feelings as a mother can: “At the same time, it hurts my heart and soul because I will never stop loving my son.”.

Barbara is being affected by her son’s poisoned darts, which is why she is receiving psychological help to cope with his continuous destruction. Even more so after Angel has ‘championed’ the former Circus tamer. Thus, she has confessed to being in “continuous suffering”: “It is God who protects me because otherwise, both Sofia and I, would be much worse. I receive help from the psychiatrist, we have lost quite a bit of weight…I have been an abused woman all my life, from a very young age and for real, not as others say. Psychological abuse is taking your life.”.

The woman from Totana has also revealed the consequences she is having: “I go to bed and fall asleep at two or three in the morning, today I fell asleep at four and at six in the morning I am awake and I can’t fall asleep anymore. Now Everything comes to mind because the pain is immense.“, sentence.