Too many romantic disappointments, a lot of suffering and few sentimental satisfactions. Barbara Rey counts his love affairs as failures, since the stormy break with angel christ to the controversial story with the King Juan Carlosthe vain attempts with Carles Rexach, Alain Delon, Frank Francés, Paquirri and the bizarre cartoon with mustache rice.

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Perhaps for this reason, at this point in life, she confesses what she confesses: “I neither have nor want a boyfriend, I already feel very loved by my children, my granddaughter and the people around me. I am phenomenal alone, I do what I want, I enter and I go out without telling anyone, I’m very comfortable”.

The last time she was seen accompanied by a man, and also excited, was when she appeared at an awards ceremony in Madrid a few months ago accompanied by Edmundo Mustache Arrocet. But when they began to talk about romance, the comedian disappeared overnight, without giving explanations to a Barbara who did not expect such an attitude.

The actress and presenter has returned to the forefront of today for the broadcast of the series Christ and King, which reflects her life story and her marriage to the tamer Ángel Cristo. And her sentimental relationship with King Juan Carlos. The ex-monarch has not been amused to find out about the broadcast of this series. He feels very upset with the one who was his lover for years, according to a journalist who maintains direct contact with the father of Felipe VI.