the silence of Barbara Rey came to an end and rightly so. It would make little sense to make a docuseries about your life and then not take advantage of the opportunities to promote it and capture an audience with the topic that you know is hooked: his controversial relationship with Don Juan Carlos.

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about to release a barbaric life, that will be seen openly and in Atresplayer Premiumthe vedette has visited this Wednesday the set of Public mirror to remember moments like these: “The first time (the King) called me, I was filming a movie and they told me I had a call from the King, I didn’t believe it. He called me several times and then told me who wanted to meet me, and we met.”

“I have experienced many scenes, we have seen each other on many occasions. He took the time where he could. It was impossible to avoid calls. There were times when I had to tell him not to tell me certain things because I knew that they were tapping the phone, that you could tell,” says the ex-wife of angel christ.

Don Juan Carlos went to the wrong house when visiting Bárbara

The mother of sophia christ He has assured that many curious things have happened to him with the father of Philip VI and he remembers one in particular: “One day he came home and by mistake he went into the house next door. I lived at number 15 and that person at number 16. The chalets are the same on the outside but there was no one inside. the house and they didn’t open the door for him. I called him and he says ‘I’m at the door and no one opens it’ and I tell him ‘at which door if I have the door open… Oh, we’ve made a mistake'”.

The places where they spent their most intimate moments

Barbara assures that in her romance with the emeritus she never saw him as His Majesty: “With a man with whom you get into bed, you cannot look at him as a King. I look at him as a man, for me he is a man. I called him John.” In addition, he confesses that they never had sexual relations in Zarzuela: “I have not had anything with him in Zarzuela, it is a lack of respect. The three times I have been in Zarzuela have been for very specific topics, first to meet and then twice , one is seen in the series. We have had other places…”.

The story of the medallion and Doña Sofía

“In the series there are things that are not chronological, it logically has fictional nuances. For example, the medallion he gives me the first day I meet him, he has the signs of the horoscope because I like zodiac themes. He told me to be careful with that jewel because that jewel was known”, explains the actress about the famous gold medallion that Juan Carlos I would have given her.

About doña sofia He has also spoken, specifically about some of his meetings. “When you have had many conversations with someone, you can become Doña or simply Sofía. I have been invited to the king’s birthday and I am convinced that she knew it and that is why she was interested in having an approach with me and talking. ”

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