This same week, Bankinter marked some highs on the stock market that it had not seen since October 2018, at 5.21 euros. At the start of the year in which cyclical values ​​dominate the trading floor, the entity headed by María Dolores Dancausa appreciates almost 14%. It is placed among the most bullish values ​​of both the Ibex 35 and the European banking reference index, the Stoxx 600 Banks, so far in 2022. Check the calendar of the next dividends here.

The entity published this Thursday its results for last year, in which it obtained a profit of 437 million euros. The figure, which is 38% higher than that of 2020, improved the estimates of analysts, who expected earnings of 412 million, according to what was collected Bloomberg.

On April 29 it will be a year since Bankinter took its insurance subsidiary, Línea Directa, public. If we add to the 2021 profit the capital gains generated by this operation, of 895 million, its result reaches 1,332 million euros.

Looking ahead to 2022, the market consensus collected by FactSet forecasts a figure slightly lower than that of 2021, 413 million, and 10.5% higher for 2023, when they place their profits at 483 million.

The entity, which has recovered its dividend after canceling it in the worst of the pandemic at the request of the European Central Bank, will soon pay its shareholders. The market expects it to do so on March 24, when will distribute 0.065 euros per share, which at current prices offer 1.3%. This is the complementary payment charged to the 2021 financial year. Bankinter remains firm in its commitment to distribute half of its profit in dividends, and it has reiterated this this week in its presentation of results.

This payment will be pocketed by the EcoDividendo, the elEconomista strategy that collects the most attractive upcoming payments on the Spanish stock market. Bankinter will replace, from Monday, Prosegur Cash in the portfolio, which is leaving after remunerating its shareholders.

Regarding their recommendation, the analysts of the consensus collected by FactSet grant Bankinter a hold. Last summer, the entity finally got rid of the heavy sell with which it has carried for most of the last decade. Even so, his advice is worse than that of Santander and CaixaBank (who receive both purchases), and that of BBVA.

Dates to keep in mind

Closer than Bankinter’s are, on the calendar, the payments of two other members of the EcoDividend: Vidrala and Logista. The glass container manufacturer will pay on February 15, and its dividend offers 1%. The last day to buy is February 10. For its part, the distribution group allows you to catch 4.6% on February 24, and the deadline to enter is February 22. With regard to the other two members of the portfolio, it is too late to collect the payment from Iberdrola and ACS, since both cut-off dates have been left behind.

Bankinter will not allocate one euro of the capital gains of Línea Directa to the payment of dividends