Mario Balotelli’s eccentricities are well known, both on and off the pitch, throughout his career. At 31, the Italian striker plays for Adana Demirspor of the Turkish Super League, a team he joined as a free agent. After spending several years in French football, Balotelli returned to Italy, more specifically to Brescia, and that is where, as a former teammate of the Italian has announced, ‘Super Mario’ was once again the “protagonist”.

Photo of de Balotelli

Simon Skrabb, a former Finnish midfielder for Brescia, has been interviewed by his country’s media Expressen, where he recounted Balotelli’s experiences at the Lombard club: “I immediately thought he was a good guy. At first he was a kind of captain for the team. Then the confinement came and he disappeared. He was a bit of a strange guy, chasing people with lighters and hairspray to set them on fire. You never knew what he was going to come up with “.

Coat of Arms / Flag Brescia

Skrabb and Balotelli coincided during the 2019/2020 season in the Serie A team and, although the course had a complex run due to the pandemic, the Finnish footballer’s beginnings were easier thanks to the help of the Italian. “In Brescia no one spoke English and I remember that, the first time I had Mario Balotelli as an interpreter, at the beginning everything was incredible. When I arrived it was a beautiful winter, I made my debut against AC Milan and we qualified with Finland for the Euro Cup. Then COVID arrived and everything changed, “explained the now free agent.