The News about what Bale could play this next season in MLS has been gaining strength in the last days. In fact, the player was rating it. But it has already Took a decision and according to your environment closest to AS ensures, this option is already ruled out. “He stays this season at Real Madrid”they say firmly, leaving the exotic American league for later and confirming the player's intention to try finish at a good level its contract with Real Madrid. Ending his contract wearing the white shirt was, in fact, always in the plans of the Welshman, whose family was even living in Madrid during the loan season in the Tottenham in which, although he did not play many minutes (1,672), he did end up scoring 16 so many… Now, without Zidane, Bale sees a clear path.

The truth is that Bale faces this season with the maximum illusion with the change of technician. The attacker felt that Zidane was, beyond the inopportune injuries, the big problem that you prevented surrender as in his first years in Madrid, in which he was fundamental for the conquest of important titles, such as three Champions League (the two finals for Atlético and Liverpool) and a Copa del Rey (the career with Bartra). The words of encouragement of Ancelotti regarding his situation, pronounced by the technician in his presentation, served as a spur for Bale to take a firm stance to stay in his last year of contract and not seek a new assignment.

The MLS, according to the information available to this newspaper, continues to be a target for Bale, but always after finishing his contract at Real Madrid. After participating in the Eurocup, the next big Bale's challenge is to play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, to be disputed in january of that year (within two seasons). By then MLS is indeed a nice destination where I could stay in shape for that World Cup, without pressure and surrounded by golf courses if the chosen destination, as it seems, is Inter Miami.

Beyond sporting aspirations (At 32, Bale still has an interest in playing football at the highest level), That he goes to MLS this summer is impossible due to an economic issue. The Welsh now collects 30 million gross at Real Madrid (just over 15 million net). And the North American championship, seriously affected by the drop in income due to the coronavirus, is in full swing cost containment. Have been agreed pay cuts of almost 50% for the players in this league that is actually a closed NBA-style championship (with franchises).

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Before that cuts in salaries there is another impediment, the strict salary caps. The Bale's salary in Madrid is four times the highest in MLS, which is currently that of Chicharito at Los Angeles Galaxy. The Mexican is collecting 9 million euros gross. Each franchise has the possibility of releasing three chips from that salary cap. Bale would be one of them, but in the MLS are not handled, now here near, European football figures in a sport that is less there.

Bale, therefore, I know raises MLS as a retirement in which to continue playing football to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar, surrounded by golf courses and living a new experience for his family, but always after fulfilling his contract with Madrid. The player himself made that interest clear in an interview on the Official Podcast of the International Champions Cup. “It is a league that is growing and continues to develop. There are many players who want to go there now. It is definitely something that would interest me. Plus I love going to LA on vacation. I play golf a lot when I go there. “But still will dress the target of Madrid one more season.


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