Gareth Bale will face his departure. But there is a novelty about it. For the first time since he signed for Madrid in 2013, the player's agent, Jonathan Barnett, came to recognize that the Madrid player would be delighted with a return to the Premier. He said it on the BBC Radio 4 microphones on the Today program: “He has won almost everything internationally, except for the World Cup, but unfortunately he plays for Wales, so some things are beyond him. So he won everything else, coming back and playing (in the Premier League) would be incredible, something very important ”, said the agent, although later nuanced: “I don't think I want to do that right now. He is very happy to play for Real Madrid ”.

The representative of the Welsh was asked about this issue by the latest speculations that have emerged in England about a possible return to the Premier at the hands of United or Newcastle, in which the oil money has entered. “It is his life that he wants to lead, not a new project. Financially, you will not need anything else for the rest of your life, and that of your children and grandchildren. “

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Actually, Jonathan Barnett knows that it is very difficult for any team to pay Bale, who has a contract until 2022, the 14.5 million net he charges in Madrid: “He has a very pleasant lifestyle. I don't see why he probably doesn't see his career in Madrid, “said Barnett, who completed:” As I've always said, he's very happy in Madrid. Financially, he doesn't need it. ” Only a few months ago, he was left wanting for the MLS market in an interview for the promoters of the International Champions Cup. Now, it has been with the Premier, although with nuances.


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