Baby's contribution to Ray is being decisive in this final stretch of the championship. His goals are worth gold. In fact, the last two, Almería and Albacete, have given the Strip a victory and a draw. Therefore, practically, 40% of the points harvested in the last five days – three out of eight – were born from his boots. These have allowed the Vallecano team stay in an increasingly threatened sixth place.

Another common link lies in the minute of both goals. Baby scored 0-1 against Almería in 89 ', when he had barely twelve on the pitch; while the 2-2 against Albacete did so in 87 ', only thirteen after taking the field. It was fully effective as a revulsive. And on the other hand, the extreme confirmed the statistic that warns that Ray is the team that scores the most (14) of the entire Second Division in the last quarter of an hour.

The great form of the Portuguese has made the coach Iraola is alternating him on the right flank with Isi Palazón, who continues to be the top scorer franjirrojo with seven goals. The last of the Murcian culminated the comeback against Girona (2-1) and was also worth two points for Rayo. Something that shows that the competition in that area in recent weeks is helping the group.

Lightning Shield / Flag

The other targets of 'Pai'

Baby has four goals and two assists —Mallorca and Alcorcón— in the league. So many to which one more would have to be added in the Copa del Rey. And it is that the winger opened the scoring against Elche, which paved the way for the pass to the second round in the KO tournament. Also his 1-2 free-kick against Zaragoza was important, as it was the first step for the Vallecana comeback corresponding to day 29.

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