Aznar’s wayward niece, Aran, sunk after being evicted: “My daughter now lives in a garage”

bad news for Aran Aznar, the wayward niece of the former president of the Government. The former contestant on survivorsin a worrying economic situation, She has been evicted after being labeled a squatter by her own landlord.

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Outraged, Aran has given her version of what happened and has denounced “intimidation methods” to get her to leave the house: “There was no eviction order. What the landlord did was hire Desokupa and based on illegal methods, opening the door for us and standing guard because they kicked us out of the house. They have used their methods of intimidation and coercion,” he said in the magazine Week.

Currently, the niece of Jose Maria Aznar is without income. He cannot afford the rent and other necessary expenses: “I am a vulnerable person due to social services and everything is certified. I am also a victim of gender violence… I receive a pension for this that has already ended three months ago, with what which I have no income.” Thus, his situation is chaotic: “Without a work contract, without a pension, without payroll and without money for a deposit, I cannot rent anything.”

In these delicate moments, she has the protection of her mother, who has opened the doors of her house for her: “Thanks to the fact that she has let me stay in her house in a room, but she does not have much or financial means, nor does she He’s fine. He’s over 70 years old, you know?… With the death of my father, my grandmother and my uncle and everything, well, it’s not very good”.

Her 25-year-old daughter, on the other hand, has moved into a friend’s garage: “The one that worries me the most now is my daughter because she is in a garage. Besides, I continue to receive threats.”

Aran herself has revealed what happened to deal with, as she says, the blackmail from her landlord: “Now the landlord threatens me with making it public, putting it on TV and selling it. Saying that we are dirty squatters… of everything. I have a lot of audios, screenshots… I am saving everything”.

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After what happened, he tries to look ahead and find a solution: “I can’t afford to sink. I’m on antidepressants and anxiolytics.” In this sense, he adds: “Although I know that now at Christmas it is impossible, I am on pages to look for work and I do not stop looking every day. After the covid people are doing badly, but I have studies, I have careers, I have languages. I’ve had companies and my rings don’t fall off”.

As for possible family help, he does not expect anything from his uncle: “My uncles do not have the obligation to take care of me. I am me, I went out in an Interviú when I was 40 years old… My uncle’s last name is also mine. I I started working at the age of 16, I had my daughter alone and I have been with my three children working every day. I have never spoken ill of my uncle and I have never said anything bad about him”, he has sentenced.