This Saturday, the allegation of the director from La Mancha against the management of the Madrid health system caused a great stir. Two days later, the president of the Community of Madrid has reappeared and has answered the filmmaker’s criticism.

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“The left is on the verge of a nervous breakdown”, have been the words of Isabel Diaz Ayuso from the gates of Genoa, the headquarters of the PP in Madrid. The popular president refers to the emblematic film by Pedro Almodovar Women at the edge of a nervous attack.

The viral allegation of Pedro Almodóvar

Director of Return he burst into tears upon receiving the Feroz de Honor 2023 and, during a moment of his speech, criticized Madrid’s healthcare: “The health problems of Spaniards affect us all, regardless of whether some of us have the possibility of going to private healthcare “. It must be remembered that the director has received criticism in recent years for defending the public while he makes use of the private, hence the reference to him.

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Almodóvar added, arousing the applause of the majority of the attendees, among whom were the second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Diazand the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta: “The universal and free public health system is one of the pillars of our welfare society. For them. I hope this reaches Madrid”.