• There are some gifts that can ruin Valentine's Day
  • On Valentine's day you have to give things that show love
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Every February 14, thousands of couples from different corners of the world show their love by giving themselves a gift. Near this date, there are few shops and supermarkets that are filled with roses and heart-shaped balloons to provide ideas of possible gifts on Valentine's Day. Some objects such as a box of chocolates, a perfume or some jewel, are the most popular of that day.

Classic Valentine's Day gifts are almost always a success. However, there are people who like to risk and prefer to show their love with other details. While some get better on Valentine's Day, other people ruin the most loving day of the year with their gifts.

Gifts to avoid not ruining Valentine's Day

Something to lose weight: Weights, a rubber band or a gym pass are not good ideas if you don't want to ruin Valentine's Day with your gift. Although the intention may be good, these objects only imply that the other person needs to lose weight.

Custom objects: Although at first sight a personalized object, such as a cup or a cushion, can be something you like and hope, over time it may change completely. We must think if we would like someone to enter our house and find that object, in addition to taking into account that many times the image we use to customize the object appears a little deformed after printing.

Home appliances: Giving away an appliance is not a good gift at any time of the year, unless the other person has specifically requested it or we are sure you need it. If none of these cases occur, giving away an appliance does not show affection and is only associated with performing household chores.

Matching clothes: Although we see that in many stores there are matching clothes that can seem romantic and fun, you have to imagine with her on. Walking quietly with your partner is very different from wearing a matching t-shirt or sweatshirt that can be the strangest thing.

A recipe book: For anyone who loves to cook and create different dishes, a recipe book can be a good option even for Valentine's Day. Even so, giving away a recipe book in general is not romantic and for some people it may seem a hint to learn to cook well.

A letter full of misspellings: Writing a letter in which to show the feelings you have for the other person is a good gift for Valentine's Day. However, if we do not meet the spelling rules, all magic disappears as one reads.

A souvenir: If souvenirs themselves are already impractical objects, giving them away on Valentine's Day is one of the worst things that can be done. A souvenir shows nothing of the love or love that is what Valentine is all about. No one in their right mind wanted a gift souvenir.

A picture of yourself: Valentine's Day is the time to show love towards your partner. If you give a photo in which you appear both can be a wonderful gift, however if you give a photo of your own it only shows self-centeredness.


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