The Wanda Metropolitano will be filled for next Tuesday’s match between Atlético and Liverpool. The clash has aroused great expectation in the fans of both teams and the stadium will have a great full. In the English club, the meeting has also meant that its social mass has mobilized for the match. Liverpool had 3,300 seats at their disposal for the match and Although they do not exhaust them, they will be very close to it. In the end it will be about 3,100 reds fans who will be in the Wanda Metropolitano on Tuesday.

For Liverpool fans, visiting the Atlético stadium is always something special. The English team won their last Champions League in the rojiblanco enclosure, although on their last visit the Premier team was defeated 1-0. It was in the 2019-20 Champions League and Atlético won again on the return leg, in a match for history at Anfield. Simeone’s team eliminated the then European champion.

Athletic Shield / Flag

For Atlético, this match also represents an organizational challenge., since it is the first time since the pandemic that a visiting hobby can mobilize in this way. Atlético already has a lot of experience in matches of this level in recent years, but Wanda Metropolitano will have to activate all the protocols to monitor and control visiting fans.

Also the city of Madrid must be prepared for the disembarkation of Liverpool supporters, always very active when it comes to seeing each other in the center of the capital. These encounters have always been declared high risk, which is why a significant number of security forces were mobilized. And now it will be the same again.