Autumnal and simple: this is the first Christmas greeting of Carlos III and his queen consort

The new King of England and his wife have congratulated all the British people on the holidays with a Christmas postcard that this Monday has reached the media around the world. It is a simple card, on off-white quality paper with a royal seal and a brief message in red letters: “We wish you a very Happy Holidays and New Year”. No signatures, as usual.

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The accompanying image is Charles III y Camila Parker was taken on September 3, five days before the death of the Queen isabel II. They were in Braemar, a town 97 kilometers west of Aberdeen where traditional sports and dance games are held every year, where the couple, very complicit, relaxed and enjoyed showing their closest face.

The portraitist chosen by Carlos and Camila for the Christmas greeting has been Sameer Husseina photographer recognized for the numerous portraits of members of the British royal family and artists such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie, among other celebrities.

They will be the first parties without Queen Elizabeth II. In her honor, Carlos III has decided to hold the traditional meeting in Sandringham, to which the princes of wales and other members of the immediate family, such as the Princess Anne, Andrew and Edward, brothers of the king, with their partners and children. The great absence, once again, will be that of Harry and Meghan Marklein the eye of the hurricane these days due to the premiere of the documentary about his story on Netflix that has greatly angered the Royal House of Buckingham.