Vaccinated tennis players will have a great advantage, as they will be subject to only minimal restrictions, during the Australian Open It will be held in January 2022, according to Martin Pakula, Sports Minister of the Australian state of Victoria whose capital is Melbourne. “If I were an ATP or WTA tennis player, I would get vaccinated. It will give them the best opportunity to play the Australian Open with a minimum of restrictions, “he said in an interview with Australian radio station SEN.

Despite the fact that Tennis Australia has not ruled on the obligatory nature of vaccines as an indispensable condition for the dispute of the tournament, the state of Victoria does require it to exercise the profession of professional athlete. This measure implemented a month ago could be a relevant precedent when establishing the framework regarding the requirement of vaccination in which it will be a decisive Grand Slam in terms of the fight to become the most successful tennis player in the history of tennis.

Precisely, Serbian and current world number Novak Djokovic could be affected in what could be his second assault on the throne of the twenty great shared with the Swiss Roger Federer and the Spanish Rafael Nadal, after he claimed in April 2020 that he was against vaccines. “I would not want anyone to force me to get vaccinated so that I could travel freely“, said the Belgrade player last year. Pakula also explained that the council of ministers will debate this issue in the coming months to decide” if unvaccinated people will have any option to enter the country. “