The Australian Open is seriously considering celebrating its 2021 edition only with local audiences. This was warned by tournament director Craig Tiley, who handles up to four different scenarios depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. “The best we have right now is an AO (Australian Open) cwith players who can get here with quarantine techniques and only Australian fans. “ says the head of Tennis Australia.

“The worst case scenario is that there is no AO”, thinks Tiley, who did not explain the other two possible ones: “There are four scenarios and we have planned everything. We have planned the times we have to make decisions, the dates we have to make decisions, who it impacts and how it will affect them “

“Now we are working on the international group of players and making them understand what each of these scenarios are, what they mean to them and how we can act, “concludes the Australian Open president.


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