Luck shoots for the representatives and the representative of the
Atlético de Madrid
in the JJ.OO. of Tokyo. One day to start, the players of the Athletic Y Nehuén Pérez, as the only mattress representative at the meeting, went into action.

Van Dongen, Ludmila and Lindahl they debuted with triumph. In view of Zambia, China and the United States respectively. In the case of the player of Netherlands and of SwedenBoth were starters and played the 90 minutes. Ludmila had seven minutes of play.

Low beat 3-10 to Zambia; Sweden defeated state
United 3-0 in a feat that had not occurred in 14 years (falling to a European team by the Americans) and Brazil beat 0-5 to China.


For its part, Argentina of Nehuén Pérez, who was a starter, started his career in the Olympic Games on the wrong foot and, like Spain, with whom he shares favoritism in Group C, was unable to successfully solve his Olympic debut after falling against Australia (2-0), in a duel he faced with one less man in the second half, three minutes before the break Francisco Ortega he was sent off for a double yellow card.

Nehuén, in a match of the Olympic Games.
Nehuén, in a match of the Olympic Games.


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