The sensations of the second round make one think of a very vulnerable Atlético, But the data still highlight a quality that is a hallmark of the team in the Cholo era: When he scores the first goal of the game, it is very difficult for him to miss the victory. This is what happened in Elche, where Llorente's goal was worth gold. The rojiblancos They have broken the 0-0 in 22 of the 34 games played and in 20 of them they took the victory. Only Real Madrid and Betis scratched him a draw.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Namely, the first goal is still decisive in Atleti. Of course, only in five games did Simeone's team go ahead and the score was already like this (Barça, Valencia, Getafe, Alavés and Elche), the famous unocerism that is not so common anymore In the House. Now the normal thing is that there are more movements on the scoreboard, but almost always to end up giving the leader the victory. Nevertheless, see how relevant it is to get 1-0 collides head-on with the concessions made by the rojiblanco team in more early times than desired.

Atlético, in addition, can boast of being the only team that has not turned any score in favor. Madrid has seen how they traced him back Valencia and Levante; Sevilla suffered it in Bilbao and Barça played a week ago, at home against the Granada. The rojiblancos, to date, have only been at a disadvantage when the rival has struck first.

The value of the first goal is very high and, at this point, with the right forces and many teams competing almost desperately, probably more. Simeone and his people play the League against Barça, Real Sociedad, Osasuna and Valladolid and they know part of the theory of success. Whoever scores first has the chance to win, especially if it's Atleti.

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