Aúpa exam for him Atlético de Madrid. Or if you prefer, a great game in its entirety. The Athletic and the FC Barcelona are measured this Saturday in the Wanda
Metropolitan (9:00 pm) in what ‘a priori’ was supposed to be one of the most balanced duels in recent years between both teams.

A circumstance that has been disrupted above all by the casualties of the
Atlético de Madrid
that diminish him in terms of his potential but above all rectify an inertia that had been created in the previous break.

To the Cholo they had married all the pieces assembled around Luis Suarez to generate a new Athletic, more offensive, more showy, with a Joao Felix creative freedom that had given some of the best group performances of the It was Simeone. Goleados like those of Osasuna, Cadiz, great matches like those of Salzburg

But the Uruguayan forward was one of the many casualties left by the “FIFA break.” Positive for Covid next to Torreira
, to which was added the injury of Hector Herrera, which was also being a key piece in that new way of developing the Athletic.

Circumstances that alter the proposal of the Simeone to face a rival with whom they have not been able to The league since the Argentine is his coach. Up to 17 times they have met without a single victory to put in their mouths. Yes in other tournaments like Champions wave Super Cup, but not in The league.

The Athletic He has a huge challenge ahead of him, due to his rival's potential, because he is not particularly good at it, because he has many and sensitive casualties … And above all because before the break it seemed like a gale that put his candidacy on the table for everything . Today's game is a duel to see if it ratifies it.

The unknown in this sense is whether Simeone he will bet on that same style or will turn towards a somewhat more restrictive spirit, as he has done many of the times he has been measured against the Catalan team.

Few times in recent times has he Athletic a game against this rival with better numbers than him. The mattress box is third, the only undefeated of The league, with six points of advantage over a Barça that is eighth and that has lost two games and has drawn another two.

East Athletic he has scored more goals -17 for 15- and has conceded far less -two for eight-. If they win, Simeone's team would give an advantage to a direct rival that would be nine points, something that has not been seen since the season of 'Doublet'.

Little joke with him Barça because the rojiblanco team accumulates 18 games without losing in their field, in the league … and the last rival to do so was precisely the one in front of them today.

Simeone will solve the setbacks thanks to recovering players like Carrasco, Coast or Vitolo. Only the Belgian aims to start today. If you play the game that came out in the Camp
Nou, where he dynamited his rival, may be unbeatable news for the colchoneros.

The Belgian will play on the left wing, he comes out of injury but he has been training without problems for a week. The low of Herrera will be offset with a pivot formed by Saul and a Koke which is at its best in recent seasons. The Vallecano has become the orchestra teacher that the rojiblanco team needed … and the National Team. And up, Joao
Felix, eager to get out in a real big game, and Angel
belt, which will make Luis Suarez. It will also be necessary to see what role is reserved for Kondogbia.

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