Atlético will play against Mallorca tomorrow (6:30 pm) a game in which they need to win if they want to follow in the wake of Real Madrid, the leader in the standings. They are three important points to not lose rope with the capital rival. The game will also mean the farewell to the Wanda Metropolitano in this year 2021. Atlético have to play later against Porto, Real Madrid, Seville and Granada, complicated rivals, and all at home. Simeone’s team will not return to their stadium until 2022. It will be on January 2 in the match against Rayo Vallecano.

Atlético has played 18 league games at the Wanda Metropolitano in 2021. The balance is quite favorable in home games: 12 wins, five draws and only one loss. The only team that was to win at the Atlético stadium in the league championship was Levante. The game was played on February 20 and the Levantine team won 0-2, which caused many doubts in the rojiblanco team. Levante became Cholo’s black beast last year, as in Valencia they could only pass the draw.

Athletic Shield / Flag

The five teams that scored in the Wanda Metropolitano were Celta and Real Madrid (in matches corresponding to the 2020-21 season) and Villarreal, Athletic and Real Sociedad, in the matches already this season 2021-22. For Simeone it is always essential to get the points at home.

Last season, in which Atlético was champion, Cholo’s team was the best in LaLiga at home. Added 48 points in the Wanda Metropolitano. The second best at home was Sevilla, who obtained 43 points in their stadium. And the third was Real Madrid, with 42 points. The victory against Mallorca is also essential for Atlético to acquire confidence and morale for the decisive game next Tuesday against Porto.