Atlético returns to Segovia due to a positive out of the team

Atlético's concentration in Los Angeles de San Rafael has come to an end earlier than planned. The reason is a positive for coronavirus which, although not from a member of the staff or technicians, is from someone from the expedition who has been in contact, although it has been known that he was infected in his personal environment. As a preventive measure, it has been decided that the group return to Madrid. Already they have all undergone the test again the Majadahonda

Athletic Shield / Flag

Thus, the team has not even come to train this Friday in the Segovian town, from where they had planned to return on Saturday. A new setback that changes the plan of a preparation that was very tight on deadlines, Well, there are only three weeks of preseason before the premiere against Granada. The work will now be in the usual scenario, the Cerro del Espino, but at the expense of the new tests. In principle, the results will be available tomorrow and they could train in the afternoon if they are favorable.

Atlético has no longer been able to count on this concentration with Arias and Diego Costa, who tested positive during their vacation and continue to recover, albeit without symptoms. At the beginning of last month they were Correa and Vrsaljko the positives, which is why they could not travel to Lisbon for the final phase of the Champions League. And in May it was I gave it who could not join the training for the same reason. COVID-19 threatens the rojiblanco team again …