EI Atlético scored four goals for the first time this season. The rojiblanco team also did them in the second half, since at halftime the match ended 0-0. Lemar, Griezmann, Correa and Cunha were Atlético’s scoring goals against Cádiz. In two previous matches, the rojibanco team had scored three goals: against Betis (3-0) and against Valencia (3-3). Atlético has scored 901 goals in 546 official matches for Simeone at the helm of the Madrid team. Griezmann, with 137 goals, is the one who has scored the most with Cholo on the rojiblanco bench.

The French striker has three goals in the league championship this season and begins to see goal. In the Champions League he also scored another three, one against MIlan and two against Liverpool. Atlético have struggled with goals in many games throughout the season. They were left unmarked in five games: Porto, Athletic, Alavés, Liverpool and Milan. Despite the large number of strikers he has on the squad, in many games he has had difficulties to overcome the opposing goal. And in two others, against Elche and Osasuna, he only scored one goal, although both times the goal served to win.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Luis Suárez did not score against Cádiz, but Cunha did, who celebrated his second goal in style with the Atletico jersey. He scored the first against Levante, although it was not enough for Simeone’s team to win. The match ended in a draw.

Simeone always said that he was not worried about the fact that Atlético did not score goals. For the coach it is a matter of streaks. And it seems that now the positive has arrived for a team that needed a victory like the one they achieved against Cádiz.