It’s been a long time since he Atletico Madrid he passed from the world of words, slogans, slogans, to deeds. We refer to that point in the world of football in which what is said is useless, it remains empty due to the lack of tangible results. That moment when all those Intentions are only good if they are backed up by facts. And Atlético has already played many games in the world of words but not in the world of deeds.

I guess to those of Simeone It will make them damn funny to have to analyse, justify, explain, match after match, at this very complicated moment, what is happening. But everyone should understand that it is part of the salary, that without these media speakers this sport would not be what it is, nor would it generate the money it generates to pay the multimillion-dollar salaries it pays.


The images of Atlético’s victory over Valencia

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In a context of sports crisis like the current one, the issue of slogans is a dangerous matter. Every slogan and simulated profound phrase only works if there are results behind it. If not, it sounds like a joke, a justification.

Simeone said in his day after a bitter defeat that these types of games rebel or depress you. And theirs have long lived in a schizophrenia between them. From depression to rebellion. And on the contrary. Of course, a victory like the one achieved by Atlético, clinging to the epic, that natural state of over-excitement in which they live like a fish in water, should be a turning point for the mattress team to know that they can.

words, that the cholos denounce their ‘lack of aggressiveness’ in defensive actions. Facts, that the Valencia took advantage of two actions of Beautiful Mario (the second to the lemon with Gimenez) to go into the break with a two-goal lead. Words, that the rojiblancos point out that without increasing the intensity and rhythm nothing can be done. Facts, that they did it in the second half of the duel, desperately, and that they left one of the most epic comebacks that have been seen in the Metropolitan.


The football manual says that any team that faces a rival with sporting problems, in crisis, with anxiety, -especially if it plays in front of its public- has to try to lengthen the game long enough for those nerves to play in its favor. And yes, how did he Valencia, you get ahead on the scoreboard, honey on flakes. The first act of the match Metropolitan He left a self-confident Valencia with clear ideas and effective in his actions. In front, an Atlético upside down, thick in attack and fragile in defense.

And that did not start badly. At least he was seen willing. Surrounded by a stadium that was next to the team as long as the game allowed it, those from Simeone They started with two chances. at nine, Suarez He wanted to put a loose ball, with a thread on the far post. But it didn’t work out, he hit it looser than necessary and Jaume Domenech He stopped her with no problem. Two minutes later, a center of Vrsaljko was finished off in foreshortening, very forced, by joao felix, which failed to give him the proper address.

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But in this state, any tiny chip in the glass turns into a crack that takes out the entire team’s windshield. And that’s what happened at 24 minutes, Beautiful Mario failed to come out of the cave to try to fight a split ball, beat him Guedes who mounted a dazzling counter. The Portuguese changed sides for a Musah that arrived as the AVE from Valencia, was outlined before a Vrsaljko who ate his feint, shot hard and down next to the stick, to beat cloud.

Atlético did not have the capacity to react and found a new error, in a clearance, which left a ball on the edge of the area in which the Ché team leaked a ball for Hugo Hard, Come in Handsome Y Gimenez, which the striker crossed before the desperate exit of cloud.


With such a scenario, Simeone he did what he had to do in the second half, bring on Correa, change the drawing and go to 5-3-2 with Lemar left back, Carrasco as right winger, Sime, with Handsome Y Gimenez, as central. For its part, the team Bordalás, with half the work done, he dug in to let the minutes pass and weather the foreseeable storm that could come upon him. A storm by force of arreones, spasms more than a football idea. In despair, epic. A shot from the front by Carrasco, a somewhat angled hand in hand by Suarez that Jaume he won the game… And more changes to try the comeback. Cunha Y Felipe for Joao Y Lemar, discreet.

And it was precisely the Brazilian who closed the gap, in a corner kick that walked around the goal until it reached the feet of the Brazilian, who only had to push it. The second act was a mattress monologue, with Suarez wasting a great opportunity with a quarter of an hour to go. Correa It was close to equalizing after a game of Carrasco, with a cross shot that Jaume he touched with his fingers.

The Belgian dressed as ‘Red Devil’ to turn the game around. It was everywhere. A center of yours with the outside found a Suarez that was launched for Jaume did not catch the ball and Correa put the tie in the 90th minute. But it is that two minutes later, the Athletic He turned the scoreboard, to the delirium of the fans, with a center shot from Cunha in the area that Hermoso clinched at the far post.




Athletic: Oblak; Vrsaljko (Herrera, 60′), Giménez, Mario Hermoso, Lodi (Correa, 45′); Carrasco, De Paul, Koke, Lemar (Felipe, 56′); Joao Félix (Cunha, 56′) and Luis Suárez.

Valencia: Domenech; Thierry (Mosquera, 71′), Diakhaby, Alderete (Koba Lein, 52′), Foulquier; Carlos Soler, Musah, Guillamón, Lato (Jesús Vázquez, 71′); Guedes, Hugo Duro (Maxi Gómez, 71′).

Goals: 0-1, Musha (Min.24); 0-2, Hugo Duro (Min.44); 1-2, Cunha (Min.63); 2-2, Correa (Min.90); 3-2 (Min.92)

Referee: Diaz de Mera Escuderos (C. Castilla-La Mancha). He admonished Thierry (Min. 14), Koke (Min.27), Foulquier (Min.38), Hermoso (Min.38), Musah (Min.42), Guillamón (Min.61), Lato (Min.65) , Suárez (Min.80), Jaume Domenech (Min.82), Herrera (Min.83)

Incidents: Match played at the Wanda Metropolitano before 44,999 spectators.

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