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Atlético de Madrid reveals which are its four idols

Gabby Barker



The Atlético de Madrid He has revealed what his four idols are. The mattress club's English twitter account has given the names of Luis Aragones, Joaquín Peiró, Adrian Escudero and Isacio Calleja. Club legends who unfortunately are no longer with us and who have written some of the brightest pages in mattress history.

This is one of the multiple initiatives that are being seen by social networks in the last weeks of confinement due to the crisis of the Coronavirus. A game in which people had to point to the four idols that had marked him, the game has evolved to reach football clubs. The Atlético de Madrid In this way, he has answered the question that the Benfica like Atlético Paranaense. For their part, they have nominated four other teams such as Liverpool, the Bayer Leverkusen, the Lokomotiv and the Atlético San Luis. Three teams that have been measured in Champions and their pequeño little brother ’of Mexico.

Four myths

Of the four legends, the name most known to the youngest fans of the Atlético de Madrid It's of Luis Aragones. Ten years he was defending the shield of the bear and the strawberry tree on the field of play conquering three Leagues, an Intercontinental Cup and a Generalissimo Cup. At the individual level he achieved the goal in the 69-70 campaign, and that was a midfielder. In total 370 games and 171 goals. Later he became a coach, and to this day he is still the coach who has directed the mattress club on more occasions: 611 games. Without forgetting that as Spanish coach he conquered the Eurocup 2008 laying the foundations of the team that ended up being World Champion in 2010, and would repeat Eurocup in 2012.

Joaquín Peiró He was the last to leave us. He passed away last Thursday. Eight seasons he was wearing the red and white jacket, before signing for the Torino Italian. 219 games and 124 goals contemplate him. It raised two Glasses of the Generalissimo and a Recopa of Europe. He was an intimate friend of Luis Aragones and it became his second on the mattress bench. A bench that occupied for a season. Although it was customary to see him at the club at the club, at the club From Madrid it was five seasons.

Adrian Escudero He is the second highest scorer in the history of Atlético de Madrid with 169 goals. He arrived at the club in 45 and left in 58. 14 seasons that allowed him to win two Leagues and one Eva Duarte Cup. 330 games played as a mattress.

Finally we must highlight Isacio Calleja. Arrived at Atlético de Madrid in 1958 and left in the year 72. A lifetime of mattress. He played 425 games and scored five goals. In his record with the rojiblanco team he can boast two Suspenders, a Cup of Europe and four Glasses of the Generalissimo. In short, four authentic legends that have written important pages in the history of the club.

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