Oblak: Comfortable first part, where Athletic sought to generate danger from lateral centers, but had its best allies in Giménez and Kondogbia. However, as soon as the second half began, he saw Williams stand hand in hand after beating Giménez, but his shot went out to the luck of the Slovenian. Villalibre also did not hit the head-to-head with the goal, who took a strong stomp on the hand of Nico Williams. He put a great pass into space to Cunha, but the referee decreed the end of the game. He had to act as captain to try to appease the protests of his teammates.

Savic: His forced rest in the Champions League means that he arrives fresh to LaLiga. Trippier had total freedom to climb his side, with the Montenegrin guarding his back and very attentive to the falls of Muniain or Raúl García to his profile. In the last minutes with the nervousness spreading among the Atleti players there were moments of tension behind.

Gimenez: He started the season at a very high level, very careful to fall on the wing if any inside rival has surpassed the center of his profile, strong in the air, intense in the recovery and quick to measure Williams. Only once was he able to beat him to '9', which he later missed in the heads up. The Uruguayan is being the most inspired behind, to the level that he always wants to see and reaches when physical problems do not weigh on him. In the last minutes he went on the attack in search of the goal.

Handsome: Very attentive to covering Lodi's back, he tried to be very important in getting the ball out, looking to mix the short touch with oxygenation in the game changes to Trippier's profile. Confident to break lines through driving even though any loss could be fatal.

Trippier: Back to eleven and its connection with Llorente. The Englishman understands the movements of the '14' better than anyone, looking for him with an advantage on the wing so that he reaches the baseline and center. He concentrated the rojiblanco attack on his side, opening wide to receive distant shipments and face the gap with his passes. Great ability to break lines. He was being one of the most outstanding players of the game, but he had to leave after 76 minutes with physical problems. He is key at Atlético, due to his ability to generate play from his position to find the best Llorente, since he has to cover his back when he is not there.

I gave it: Simeone gave Carrasco a break from the game and the Brazilian started on the left wing, a position little exploited as a rojiblanco. In previous games his entry had caused a change from system to defense of four, but Cholo is also confident in his offensive progression with Hermoso guarding his back. The rojiblanco attack focused on the right profile and although it was constantly added by the band, it was not successful in its centers. With fewer defensive obligations, he lived a large part of the game near the rival area. He left his place to Carrasco at 55 minutes.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Kondogbia: With his enormous performance he has earned a hole in the pivot as a fundamental starter at the moment for Simeone. Covering a lot of field to try to free Llorente and De Paul, who could be deployed in attack to step on the rival area. Very attentive to enter between the centrals and clear dangerous lateral centers thanks to his aerial game. He left the field of play at 55 minutes visibly touched.

Llorente: He played in his favorite position, outlined to the right in midfield and free to deploy in attack with Trippier from behind supplying balls into space. Thus he managed to win the bottom line with constancy, putting powerful centers to the penalty spot looking for Griezmann as a finisher. It was difficult for him to appear in the distribution of the ball, leaving the role for De Paul. He crashed with the stick on a good right hand from outside the box before moving on to play back because of Trippier's injury.

From Paul: Holder to occupy the usual position of Lemar, outlined to the left, although with very different characteristics, since the Argentine is a born ball distributor with a large displacement in length and less ability to break lines for speed like the French. He is more used to playing overturned on the right side of the center of the field, so it took him a bit more to define himself at the beginning, but he was intoned with the passing of the minutes and liking himself, forcing the yellow of Dani García in a great individual action spout included. Very intense in the pressure, he took control of the game.

Griezmann: Starting for the first time in the Wanda Metropolitano since his return, he had the first of the game after two minutes taking advantage of a center from Llorente at the near post and finishing off with the outside. The '14' went back to look for him several more times with his powerful centers to the penalty spot. He tried to come into play in the three-quarter zone and was always willful in the pressure and in the recovery, although it seems that he still needs to degrease to return to being the one he was in his previous rojiblanco stage. It has to be more protagonist and get more involved. He left in the first round of changes cheered for his effort.

Strap: Back to eleven to occupy a lead alongside Griezmann as the most advanced piece of the team. He alternated magnificent technical gestures with poorly executed decisions, looking for an extra dribble when he had already seated a defender. Lodi found him early in the second half, but his header narrowly missed. He was replaced by João at meeting time in a match where he did not find himself comfortable.

Triple change at 55 minutes

Suarez: He entered through Griezmann to be at the top of the attack, the team needed a finisher in the area. He is aware that he is not yet in his best shape or at his peak speed, so when he has meters ahead he knows that it will be very difficult to stand hand in hand and he looks for alternatives. Thus a play where Carrasco could leave him against the goalkeeper ended with a return to the Belgian.

Carrasco: He entered as a left lane to face in all the plays, fresh and looking for the individual imbalance. Very open and incisive, he was the main argument to hurt from his entry to the field, although on occasions he could spare a cut.

Herrera: He was willing, replacing Kondogbia and asking for the ball from the first moment to be in charge of directing the rojiblancos attacks. He is still a bit slow without the ball, in the process of taking shape after his injury. It is difficult for him to turn on his back.

João Félix: He replaced Correa in the 60th minute and moved to the left with the clear idea of ​​constantly connecting with Carrasco. He was coming into play, looking to be incisive, but in an action where he had turned well he received a grab, hit the opponent with his arm and protested to the referee seeing two consecutive yellows and leaving the team with one less.

Cunha: He entered through Trippier in search of a total attack, but as soon as he entered the field, Atlético was left with one less. He stood behind Suárez outlined to the right to give Llorente work on the wing. It still lacks more continuity so that it can display its main qualities. He left against the goalkeeper on the last play, but the referee signaled the end of the match.